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Nov 19, 2009 03:57 PM

Vancouver restaurant open early to accomodate departure from YVR

I did a fair amount of research for my trip to Vancouver but I didn't account for my early flight. I figure that I should be done with my meal by 10am if I want to catch my noon flight. I'm staying in the West End. Something in that vicinity or en route to YVR would be helpful. But if they open early enough, I'm willing to travel any place that's accessible by public transit.

My original research turned up some breakfasty things (Thomas Haas, Honey Doughnuts and Goodies and P√Ętisserie Lebeau) but if it's all possible I'd be interested in something savory and Chinese or, failing that, other Asian. Maybe a traditional banh mi or a Chinese bing. Some spicy noodles maybe? Peaceful Restaurant has a "beef roll" that really looks intersting but they don't open early enough.


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  1. Market in the Shangri la does a chinese breakfast for $28 and open at 7 am. Copied and pasted from their website of what it includes:
    Selection of fresh Juices
    Chicken Congee
    Shallots, Pickled Daikon
    Candied Salmon
    Dim Sum and Chinese Buns
    Coffee or Assorted
    Chinese Loose Leaf Teas
    They look like they have a pretty good selection of other items as well on their website so definitely have a look. I haven't had breakfast at market but have had dinner there a few times and it is excellent. The other plus would be that it is close to where you are, whereas Honey's, and Thomas Haas will be completely out of the way. If you are looking for non Asian however, I like the breakfast at the Yew Restaurant and Bar in the Four Seasons as well as Scuie, which is an Italian Bakery Cafe (for a more casual breakfast). They have one in Yaletown and one right Downtown.

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      Thanks to everyone for all of their recommendations. It's awesome that this question was even answerable. I wasn't very optomistic when I posted it. Vancouver is a great place and Western Cananda chowhounds are very hospitable.

      I investigated the dim sum restaurants on the restaurants awards list. One opens at ten according to their website and another opens at ten according to a hotel across the street. The other didn't answer their phone early enough for my purposes.

      I ended up at Market at the Shangri La. The meal was pretty much exactly as selena03 described. Everything was good, particularly the shiu mai. I'm not a connoisseur of congee, so I'm hesitant to judge most of the rest of the meal. I enjoyed it. There was also a pickled plum. I ate it on its own. It had a very strong flavor. I suspect that it had a specific function in the meal. Condiment for the congee? Palate cleanser between two particular bites? Anyone have any idea?

      1115 Alberni Street, Vancouver, BC V6E0A8, CA

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        Hi Stuart,
        Glad it worked out for you...I am not that familiar with Chinese food so I can't answer the plum question but I am sure one of the other ch''s that offered rec's will know.....

    2. I think both Elbow Room and Joe's Grill are open early enough. Both are decent breakfast joints but not Chinese.

      For savoury and Chinese, I always stop in Richmond for breakfast before going to the airport. I fly in and out of Van a lot. A couple places that will be open for sure:
      - number 9 (really good clear soup beef brisket noodles)
      - Kam Do (best wife cakes)

      probably most noodle houses will be open in Richmond.

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        you could check out the restaurants on this thread and call the restaurants to see what their hours are.

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          You even do dim sum at a few places starting 8-ish.This is what I had at Imperial Court Beijing in Richmond at around 8am a little while ago. Inexpensive - not the best but very decent and some of their dishes are actually very good: