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Nov 19, 2009 03:12 PM

Where to Buy a SmallTurkey-East Bay

Where can I buy a fresh turkey under 8lbs in East Bay- Prefer Berkeley/Oakland area

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  1. That small might be impossible, but the Berkeley Bowl has a big selection.

    1. I know they are not the "best" but Safeway has 8lbs fresh turkeys at $.88/lb.

      1. If you can use a 10 lb turkey, your options broaden considerably.
        Turkey freezes well, and you're not tired of it when you pull it out of the freezer a month later.

        Otherwise a turkey breast might be a good choice.

        1. In doing further resaerch. Whole Foods has diestal Natural Petite Turkey 6-10 lbs@$2-49/lb
          Think mthis is the way to go ,although Whole Foods has a Mary Turkey at 9lbs

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          1. re: mustardgirl

            When I spoke to someone at Whole Foods in Oakland about ordering a Diestel turkey, I was told they had only 10+ pounds available.

            1. re: amydeastbay

              Yeah, that's the smallest I usually see.

              Also, although we'd ordered a larger one, due to a snafu we got a ten-pound turkey last year, and five people polished it off at dinner.

          2. Well it is alot more complicated. went to oakland Whole foods to get the diestal petite, they had a 6.85 llb bird BUT it was frozen, but apparently, someone MESSED up and all the turkeys in oakland are FROZEN
            Went to Berkeley and all the same birds was frozen too
            It seems that all turkeys in these locations are "slightly frozen"
            No fresh birds in Oakland/Berkeley are available at these prices BEWARE
            I purchased a fresh Heidi Organic Turkey 6.9lbs @ 3.69/lb = $25 plus
            NOT FROZEN

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            1. re: mustardgirl

              I believe the USDA's definition of "fresh" is that the bird has never been chilled below 26 degrees.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Actually, Robert
                The Butchers behind the counter, in both places, said they were "frozen"

              2. re: mustardgirl

                Did you purchase your fresh Heidi Organic Turkey at Whole Foods?