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Nov 19, 2009 02:49 PM

lobsta land

How do folks feel about lobsta land in Gloucester? I haven't been there and just got invited to a dinner there. Anything to recommend or avoid? Thanks as always.


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  1. Lobsta Land is our local "comfort" restaurant. Its best dishes are the basic ones (would stay away from the more elaborate specials). Favorites are the spicy littlenecks app (the broth is highly flavored with garlic and tasso ham) and the surprisingly excellent sole meuniere. Green vegetables here are not overcooked. Lots of families and locals eat here, and you'll see huge platters of fried seafood. It's not fine dining, but it's excellent for what it is. Waitresses call you "hon". Bread comes with a garlic-y olive spread which is delicious. Enjoy!

    1. Like Cath I love the food. If you sit in the bar the bartenders a more then a bit gruff. The fried fish sandwich is the absolute best I've ever had.

      Stick with the basics and you will not be disappointed.

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        Second the grilled clams. Good for fried clams and seafood in a not-clamshack setting.

      2. Anyone been for breakfast? The menu looks promising.