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Nov 19, 2009 01:24 PM

Crabcakes for lunch near Columbia Gateway Drive?

Do anyone know of a place to get crabcakes for lunch near Columbia Gateway Drive in Columbia, Maryland? Somewhere that does take-out? Doesn't have to be the best crabcake of my life but something decent and not too far away? (The Columbia Mall area is too far for example).

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  1. Frank's Diner on Route One serves delicious food, but am unsure whether they have cakes on their menu. If not, Frank's Seafood on Oceano drive is only ten minutes or so from Columbia Gateway drive might have ready-to-eat cakes.. All Chowhounds ought to go to both of the "Frank's". This week, I purchased a four-plus pound wild rock/striped bass from Frank's Seafood and tossed it upon on my charcoal grill. Nectar of the gods, I tell ya.

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      Frank's Seafood in Jessup has crabcakes, but they need to be cooked. You are right, though, about Frank's Seafood - very fresh fish & other seafood at decent prices.

    2. Try Gunnings or Timbuktu for some good crabcakes.