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Nov 19, 2009 01:07 PM


Going to be in San Diego for Thanksgiving and hoping to host a Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment rental. Does anyone know a good place to buy a prepared Thanksgiving dinner other than Whole Foods, Honey baked or a supermarket? I'll only have access to a microwave and an oven but no real cooking equipment. Thanks!

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  1. There is a Honeybaked Ham Store in La Mesa. Albertson's has a decent selection of microwavable prepared foods. They also have hot chickens, you could substitute chicken for turkey.

    1. There's a little French place called Opera Cafe in Mira Mesa / Sorrento Valley that's been advertising prepared Thanksgiving meals.

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        Just got an email from Luc's Bistro (Board Favorite) that the last day to order is today 11/20.