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Nov 19, 2009 12:38 PM

Added yogurt to my korma and it curdled! Help!

I've tried tempering it - adding a small amount of the hot liquid to the cold yogurt then mixing all of it into the pot, just dumping it in when the yogurt is at room temp and thinning the yogurt out. Each time I get major curdling. Help!

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  1. Are you using low or reduced-fat yogurt? I had this problem once making a need to use full fat.

    1. Acid, salt and heat all encourage curdling. Fat (and dissolved solids, such as starch) prevents it.

      I don't cook with yogurt. Even full fat. Trying to prevent it from curdling is too much of a hassle. I will occassionally add sour cream to dishes, but I only add it when the dish is just slightly above serving temp.

      For korma, though, I may use yogurt for marinating the meat, but for the gravy, I stick to cream. In the hundreds of restaurant kormas I've consumed, it's always cream.

      1. You have to whisk the yogurt to get it smooth, then whisk it into your dish. If you add it too quickly, it will curdle. Full-fat yogurt tends to work better, although I use low-fat.

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          Whisk it smooth first. It turns onto a liquid when you whisk it.

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            thirded. I frequently cook with yogurt in my Indian curries. I use full fat and I add a little bit at a time, by the TBS, stir until incorporated, then next spoonful. and remember, if it does curdle, it only affects looks, not taste.

          2. The heat was probably too high. Lower the heat when you add the yoghurt it, add ing a little bit at a time, mix it well with the other ingredients, then raise the heat again, stirring constantly. Low fat works just fine this way, too. The yoghurt will always look ever so slightly grainy, but shouldn't actually completely curdle. On a couple of occasions I had the yoghurt curdle on me because I was impatient or not paying attention. When this happened, I just removed the meat from the gravy and blended the gravy with a hand held mixer. It came out fine. I never use cream in my qorma, but you can to get an extra velvety texture at the end.

            1. Thank you everyone for your great tips! I failed to whisk the yogurt prior in one case and in both cases I was using non-fat yogurt. I will keep these things in mind next time I'm cooking with yogurt.