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Nov 19, 2009 11:54 AM

Where to find chicken or turkey bulk sausage in Greater New Haven

I have a great sausage stuffing recipe, but need to substitute chicken or turkey sausage for the pork as we will be having some semi-vegitarian relatives for Thanksgiving. Any idea who might sell this in the general New Haven area?
Also does any bakery make popovers like those at the old Yankee Silversmith in Wallingford?

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  1. Try The Meat Barn on Lucy St (actually in Woodbridge) or Liuzzi's on State St in North Haven.
    I Know Longini makes a chicken sausage, but not sure if they have a retail operation

    1. You might want to give the Whole Foods in Milford a call. They have a nice selection of Chicken and Turkey sausage in links. Maybe they can do something for oyu.

      1. This is ther retail store off Ella Grasso Blvd.
        Longhini Sausage Incorporated
        (203) 624-7110
        41 Longhini Ln, New Haven, CT 06519

        Around the holidays they make popovers but you can call to be sure,also excellent cakes and pasteries.
        Cheri's Bakery
        267 E. Main St.
        Branford, CT 06405
        (203) 488-1755

        1. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Longhini has it by special order at their retail store.

          1. FYI: There are some great all-vegetarian sausages at Edge of the Woods, Field Roast makes a couple of varieties you can find in the frozen section. Price is high but they are really good and have the same texture as meat sausage. Your vegetarian relatives will be thrilled you made the effort.