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Nov 19, 2009 11:14 AM

Colibri - Best Authentic Mexican Food!!

Hi all, this is my first post on the board and couldn't decide what to write. Decided that it would be worth while to give a restaurant suggestion so hopefully you'll like it!

Colibri is just off the downtown square (I'm from Montreal and can't remember what it's called). By chance I was staying at a boutique hotel across the street and had no where to eat so I poked my head in, and boy oh boy I'm thrilled I did. The decor is simple, yet elegant and perfect for a fun date night or girl's night out. The guacamole is creamy, fresh and best of all, they make it table side. Unlike some want-to-be Mexican restaurants, Colibri serves their guac with warm corn tortillas all bundled up in a heated towel (amazing!). We also had a stewed black bean and cotija cheese dish, which was equally delicious when eaten with the corn tortillas. For my main, a slow cooked pork shoulder with grilled scallions and leeks. This pork was succulent, melt in your mouth with a spicy kick! Obviouslyy, suffering from a restricted belt but nothing worth of refusing warm cinnamon churros with homemade drinking chocolate. Absolutely the best and most authentic mexican meal I've ever had! None of the usual middle of the night dry mouth from salt overdose, just clean delicious flavors that will keep me going there on future visits to San Fran!

Let me know your thoughts

- Amanda

Colibri Mexican Bistro
438 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I had a wonderful dinner there about a year ago and hope to get back. It's just off Union Square.

    1. I've eaten there twice, and both times, left feeling very dissatisfied. I didn't find many of the dishes either entirely authentic nor innovative. Besides the fresh guacamole made tableside, I didn't think the other dishes were very fresh. I am pretty sure my tamale was made at least a week prior. And a few of the hot dishes came out luke warm. However, I am a big fan of their margaritas.

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        Hey Amanda! Congrats on your first post on a fantastic board from a fellow Canuck visitor. It sounds like you ordered well and got the most out of their menu. Colibri is the first and only "upscale" Mexican resto we've been to in SF two years ago this month to be exact. We got a kick out of the decor and found the service excellent. We enjoyed our meal with the exception of the tortilla soup which was bland, too sweet and Campbellā€™s Tomato-y. The other items we sampled were all winners: tamales with mole that tasted freshly made, chicken with mole, veggie chiles rellenos, sopes and carnitas. The veggie preps stood out for me as being the best executed. I've often thought of returning as it is close to where we stay also but since then we have been lured out to the Mexican offerings in the Mission and Fruitvale. I've often seen it noted on this board that SF lacks sitdown Mexican so it is good to hear that Colibri is still doing some things right for sure.

      2. Mrs. Wineguy and I went for dinner during the Summer. We enjoyed it and will return, but have yet to do so. I remember there was a little service stumble when we were seated but from there on, we were happy. Their Tequila and Mezcal selection is relatively large and make beautiful Margaritas. Every dish we ordered was a winner. We particularly loved the Tamales Oaxaquenos. We also had the table side prepared Guacamole, Carnitas and a wonderful Pechuga Rellena de Huitlacoche, as well as a side dish of Nopales Asados. Desserts were good too. We had a warm chocolate cake as well as Churros rellenos accompanied by some sipping Tequila and Mezcal.

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          So glad that most people had a similar experience to mine! Don't know how a managed to forget their margaritas, i dreamt about those for weeks afterwards. the tart and not-too-sweet variety are always my favorite because it highlights the excellent quality of their tequila.