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Nov 19, 2009 10:58 AM

The Real McCoy

Based on good reviews from CH and other sites, decided to try this place for lunch today. Had a home burger with cheese, fries and a pepperoni slice. All I can say is how disapointed I am. Disapointed because it has taken me so long to try their great food. The burger was juicy, delicious and very generous in size. Great toasted bun and very fresh condiments. Staff couldn't have been frindlier. Fries are hand-cut and delivered as ordered, well done. Pizza was outstanding. I am a little full now, but oh so pleased. Definately up there with the " Shack" and " Golden Star". Will definately have to make the trek out east a little more often now. And the souvlaki on a bun also looked great

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the food. I've been going there for the past 38 years. The burgers are good, but I really love the hand cut fries. There are a few places with better burgers, but then the fries leave something to be desired.

    I appreciate the larger hand cut fries.

    1. It is a great place. I have been eating their burgers and fries for 30 years, since I was a kid. Same burgers, same fries, same decor and menu board, same family (the next generation, though). Too bad it's so far away for me now... Still a treat when I get out there.

      1. I was there too robb. Just after noon.

        Here's my post on another thread.

        I had the Mojo burger for lunch with fries and gravy.

        First the burger, I thought it was good but not great. I'd have one again but only if I was in the area and wanted a burger.
        The fries were excellent however. Fresh cut and goooood.

        The thing is, I love the place. It's the kinda thing that's been going away in TO. Family run, almost all regulars, cheap signage and just a great feel. There was a few people eating at the counter and talking Leafs.


        1. After a flurry of posts about this place recently, I was ready to go back for a return visit. I can distinctly remember that the first time I went, I took a look at someone else's order of fries and decided they were not the kind I like, preferring thinner, crispier ones. But I decided to give them another try (tried them my second visit and not memorable) thinking maybe they'd changed. I guess not all "fresh-cut" fries are created equal, as to me they are too soft. I might like them if well done, but forgot to ask.

          Last two visits I ordered the MOJO burger; this time had the homeburger with cheese. A combo with pop and fries came to about $9.50. The burger was tasty, and the condiments tasted fresh. I like that they thin-slice their pickles, rather than a big, thick slab that overwhelms with pickle taste. The thin slices stay on the burger better as well.

          Overall, I'd say it's not a bad burger in that it's not trying to be a gourmet burger, and it's understood that they can't offer it cooked any way but well done (as per regulations, and I'm sure their meat isn't high enough quality, plus the handling protocols required that would allow it to be served medium or less). Mine was overcooked by my preferences, but still a little juicy.

          I'd go back and try the pizza, which looked good going out with other orders. A huge slice with a pop is about $3.50 (can't remember exactly), so a pretty good deal. I wouldn't return specifically for either the burger or fries, but I would get them if I was in the area and looking for that kind of meal.

          For me, I think I prefer the homeburger and onion rings from Harry's Drive-In at Kennedy and Lawrence, though I don't like the way the buns they use fall apart while consuming the burger. I'm crazy about their onion rings, cooked well done. Mmmmmmmmm. Only Shamrock Burger does them similar.

          1. I loved this place, old high school stomping grounds... haven't been back in years though. There pizza is a definite must have.