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Nov 19, 2009 10:29 AM

What to order/not to order at Crispo?

My parents are coming in on Saturday for dinner with my wife, my brother and I. I gave them a few options and they chose Crispo. I haven't been there before and so I'm wondering if I can get some advice.

I think I've read good things about their risotto balls and the bone marrow. Do folks agree with those? Anything I should be sure to try? Anything I should be sure to avoid? Anything else of note about the place that I should be aware of?


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  1. If you do a search on this board, you should find all the advice you could want. I have not had the risotto balls, but the bone marrow is really, really good, and it is easily enough for two to share, as it is unbelievably rich.

    1. I've been three times and enjoyed the pastas and a fish special.

      What's important is where you sit as there are two rooms plus a small private room for parties. When you make your reservation, ask to sit in their back garden room. It's airier and less congested than the front room where the bar is.

      Here's the menu that I hope will help in your choices.

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        Thanks to you both.

        I have seen the menu and I have searched the archives, but there aren't that many reviews that specifically discuss which dishes that enjoyed or did not enjoy. So that was the type of specific info I was looking for, as opposed to general info.

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          I like their version of carbonara. For small plates/starters, I like the stuffed sage leaves & risotto balls.

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            Sorry, I knew I had posted food recs in the past, but when I tried to search I couldn't even find them. So here goes:

            Sausage-stuffed sage leaves
            Cured anchovies

            Bone marrow
            Mozzarella and roasted peppers


            Veal breast parmesan
            Chicken alla diavola
            Pork shank

            The fish of the day is usually very good, too, and any other specials.


        2. So what did you eat and how did you like it?

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            I've been meaning to post here with my thoughts. Should I do it here or make a new post? What is proper CH protocol?

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              No protocol, really. Just add it here, especially since you started the thread, unless you prefer to start another.

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                OK, sounds good.

                So we arrived about 20 minutes late. Was a little worried we might lose our reservation but they had our table waiting for us.

                Bread basket was nice. Same flavor of slightly burned crust that I used to have at my Italian grandparents' house as a kid.

                We ordered the Fritto Misto and the bone marrow for starters. The Fritto was good. The marinara sauce was fruity and went very well with the calamari. But the bone marrow was to die for! I had never had it before, but ordered it based on the raves from people here. Thanks for the tip! I can't imagine anyone doing it better. More refined, maybe. But not better.

                I ordered the pork shank entree. i thought it was very good. It didn't blow me away, but it was still really tasty. Had a nice bit of spice without being over the top. And I was impressed and surprised at how well the quince melded with the pork to create a nice flavor.

                My wife ordered the duck. It was also good. Perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. She didn't love the figs it came with though.

                My father, who is tough to please, enjoyed the grilled shrimp and sausage entree. My brother got a halibut special; I think he liked it. And I dont recall what mom ordered.

                For dessert, the gelato was good, but not overwhelming. Vanilla was very good, but chocolate was a bit chalky. The chocolate torte was excellent. Light raspberry flavor that melded perfectly with the wonderful chocolate. And the zeppole were fantastic. Piping hot fresh from the oven, with a great chocolate dipping sauce.

                I'm not a wine expert, but we had a chianti that was just OK and a montepulciano that was better.

                Overall, I thought it was a very good meal. And an excellent value. It seems like the type of place where it's important to know what to order. And also to not overhype it.

                They have a ton of great looking antipasti and small plates. Seems like a place where the tapas approach would work well.

                I'm definitely looking forward to heading back there at some point.

                Thanks for all your help!