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Nov 19, 2009 09:53 AM

Sripraphai Expands!

It appears that there is a new branch of Sri - address is 280 Hillside Avenue in N. New Hyde Park, which I THINK is still Queens, but right around the border line. Anyone been? I am very excited - have plans to lunch there with a friend on Saturday!

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  1. I am a bit concerned about oversizing ala Jackson Diner. Anyone remember when JD was not god awful? Let's hope we are not saying that about our beloved Sri in 10 years!

    1. Has it actually opened yet? Also, it's further east on Hillside Avenue in Williston, not New Hyde Park.

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      1. re: Little Neck Clam

        I'm pretty sure that's well into Nassau County, Long Island. New Hyde Park is in Nassau, and Williston is east of there.

        1. re: Little Neck Clam

          Yes, sorry for posting this on the wrong board; I read the map wrong!

        2. I had my first disappointing meal at Sri (Elmhurst) two weeks ago. Soup broth was separated, oyster mushrooms heavy on stalky stems, chive dumplings were charred but still strangely undercooked inside, etc. These are all dishes I've had there a dozen times with no variance in quality. I hope the expansion doesn't mean the quality in Queens does a nosedive...

          1. The new Sripraphai is in Williston Park, just east of New Hyde Park. It's not that far out onto Long Island.

            My parents live about 6 minutes from the new Sripraphai and have eaten there about 8 times so far - my mom is addicted to the original location and the opening of a branch so close to their home has enabled her addiction.

            I've been there twice and it tastes exactly like the original - and that means it's delicious. My mom talked to one of the servers who recognized her from the original location (seriously, they know my mom by name...) and apparently the women from the original location come out to LI a few days a week very early in the morning and make all the curry pastes and some other items - thereby explaining why it tastes just like the OG.

            I am so jealous of my parents and their proximity to this place!

              1. re: bigjeff

                i too am a longtime woodside srip hound, went to the long island one last week and saw a few familiar faces in wait staff and the son runs it...

                ...the food was IDENTICAL ... for real...not only that but everything we got was exceptional.
                we got a larb, sauteed pork shuolder in chili, bean thread with squid and chicken and the stew beef over rice... all done perfectly and consistently as orig srip. very good experience.....the only difference i noticed be it a small one was my thia iced tea was a tad thicker, almost too thick and sweet, but i drank it, you didnt have to twist my arm!

                great job srip!

                1. re: chefjellynow

                  forgot to mention we had crispy watercress, and bbq pork and honey as apps

                2. re: bigjeff

                  went with my folks, who are not spicehounds. the food was quite good!

                  + beef tendon soup (dark)
                  + roast duck salad
                  + sour curry with shrimp and veg
                  + crispy pork

                  tendon soup was really good (I love this at Ayada, I like their's better because it had bigger variety of vegetables, some other garnishes as well) but it was very good. the sour curry was small portion, but good. a little thin, and not as good as when I last had it at Woodside. Tasty but I wish we got the one with the omelette instead of the shrimp. the crispy pork is an obvious hit; almost too obvious. crispy, greasy, fatty, tasty. roast duck salad had good flavors, but the meat was served a bit rough. still tasty but . . . it seemed like the dregs of the roast, and not the premium cuts.

                  definitely the spice was turned down because we asked for it like that, but it was good. business was incredibly busy on a friday night but we got there around 6:45-7pm, just before a mad rush came in. there were people waiting for the duration of our meal, yet service was not rushed. tasty tasty!

                  1. re: bigjeff

                    Friday night around 8 seems to be the busiest time. I have been going about three times a month and find the place every bit as good as the original. I was there on Sunday at 3:00 and about twenty others, mostly two extended families were the only others eating. I had drunken noodles and pannang curry and both were perfect.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      forgot to mention my beef with the place; really poor menu organization! obviously their menu is big since they have pictures for every item (and the menus are identical, woodside and williston) but just very poorly organized; some repeats, some sections that should belong together aren't, and I feel we misordered in regards to the sour curry for instance, which was listed under separate sections; didn't see the cha-om omelette option until after the meal, etc. they just need to trim that sucker down, or find a better way to organize; I think the bigger picture books were better than their mini ones.

                      and for the vegetarians, it is a whole complete different menu at the back of the book for those who don't engage in meat.