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Nov 19, 2009 09:47 AM

Plough and Stars

Was missing this place, got together with an old friend for lunch. Suggested we meet there. Got there at 11:50 and all locked up. A few others loitering aorund the front, one of them called, no one answered, banged on the doors, no answer. Are they closed? Their web site said open for lunch at 11:30.... hmmm anyone know anything?

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  1. I know the kitchen was closed for a short spell a few weeks back for some pretty intensive repairs, but that it's since reopened... Perhaps a relapse/emergency repair of some sort and they didn't open at all? Odd that there was no notice posted though.

    1. Whoops - Just found out from one of the staff that they're only serving lunch Fridays. I mentioned that the website is out of date.

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