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Nov 19, 2009 09:01 AM

Birthday Dinner at Post 390

Arrived at 630 last night to find a bustling packed restaurant, nice, considering the economy, greeted by a gracious host staff and was sent upstairs to join my friends that had already arrive, had a cocktail at the upstairs bar, which i must admit was very busy, interesting Hendricks gin cocktail, we then were moved to our table overlooking the Trinity Church, the dining room is warm and inviting, dimly lit and nice warm wood and leather tones. Matt our waiter was SUPERB very knowledgeable on the menu, specials and the wine list. We started with a seafood tower that was divine, then shared a few apps, I had the NY Strip cooked to perfection my dc had the Lamb and other dc had the new england clam bake, meals were all outstanding, for dessert we tried the sliver of chocolate cake, creme brulee and banana cream pie, I must say I thought my grandmother was in the kitchen as the banana cream pie was off the hook !!!
I have to say I will definately return very soon, I loved the vibe of the place and as we were leaving around 930 the place was still packed

Post 390
406 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

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  1. I must admit to being quite surprised that your experience was so good. I've been three times and each time I ask myself why I went back. The first two times I found the servers far from knowledgeable about the menu though I guess that could be chalked up to how new the restaurant is. Every time I've been, the food has been extremely salty, so much so that when I went for lunch this past weekend, neither me nor my friend could eat what we ordered. And by the way we had a salad and an omelet that literally had salt crystals on top. I will give them credit though for noticing that we didn't really eat and then taking the meals off of our bill. I do like the atmosphere and would go for drinks on a night it's not too crowded.

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      I have to concur. I don't like to give negative commentary on a new restaurant but I must agree with lissy. I have had brunch and dinner at Post 390 and both times had found the experience sub par. For brunch, I had the cobb salad, which was mediocre at best, not to mention $17. I adore a cobb salad, and also pay no mind to shelling out for some good brunch, but for $17 I would expect a superior cobb. A few weeks later, I returned for dinner and ordered the burger, ordered medium, and was delivered a burger that was well done to the point of being grey. Bottom line - love the atmosphere, not impressed with the food.

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        I'm in the same boat as lissy and Patsgal. We went before a show at the Lyric. The waiter was OK, but tried to upsell us a $70 bottle of wine, not his fault, I know, but we went with a $40 French Bordeaux. My wife had the steak salad which was a huge mound of lettuce with 3 or 4 small strips of steak on it. Not great for $20. My strip steak was good, but not fantastic. My wife ordered a horrible whoopie pie for dessert. My dessert was the best part of the night, a very good sweet potato pie.

        A word on drink prices as well. I had the Green Line which was excellent and reasonably priced at $11. One of our friends had a Grey Goose martini and was charged $14! I've heard their Bombay Sapphire Martini is $16. I don't get the upcharge to those prices when the mixed drinks are so much less. I'll probably go back, as it's so convienient to the Lyric, but I think I'll stick to apps and maybe the mac and cheese which has gotten some rave reviews.