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Nov 19, 2009 08:37 AM

Pastry-wrapped bloomy cheese presents: viable?

Hello. I really want to make baked brie or camembert for a few friends for the holidays with an apricot rosemary chutney-type filling. I figure i can wrap it up in a disposable aluminum pan and leave it on their doorstep with baking instructions. I have a few concerns about the logistics of such a thing, like how long can you keep a wrapped cheese unbaked? Should i apply egg wash? which cheese is the best balance of economy and flavor?
Most of these friends live alone, and might not be able to handle a small wheel on their own. is it even worth it?
Thanks in advance to all those with any insight. I have been known to bite off more than i can chew with these things...

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful gift.

    You can make these somewhat ahead without problem. I've done that. I think it depends somewhat on your climate too. Is it mildly cold? Freezing cold? Tropical? Those would be considerations.

    In a mildly cold climate, I think such a thing could sit on a doorstep for a good part of a day.

    But it would have to be baked within some reasonable amount of time. Within days, not a week, I would think. One problem would be if the filling made the pastry soggy. You could minimize that by cutting the wheel and putting the filling in between, not on top. Which is what you are probably planning to do.

    You might want to put a nice box of crackers with it to go along.

    I think what I would do is give these friends a "gift certificate" for your pastry wheel. So that it could be redeemed at a time that will work for your friends. If you don't mind doing these one by one and not all at once.

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      I will try to feel out those who really would want such a heady gift. those who don't can come over for dinner, or something.
      Thanks for your advice!