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Nov 19, 2009 05:12 AM

Do you have a good source for Food Saver bags?

I'm almost out. I have the roll that allows me to make my own, also have some pre-cut bags. The grocery store nearby has them but they are awfully expensive. I did do a search and found older posts about this but, as far as I can see, nothing recent.
Anyone have a reliable source with great prices?

I really love having this machine. Right now the freezer holds chef chicklet's Pink Pinto Bean Stew,
jfood's short ribs, and spicy-sweet pulled pork from shoulder roast that I only started making after reading about it here. Good eating. Many thanks to all!

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  1. I get mine at BJs, which is where I got the machine in the first place. Not cheap, especially as they come in a combo pack, but probably as good as you get.
    Due to the price, I only use my Foodsaver for things I'm going to hold for months, not something I'll cook in the next few weeks. That helps a little.

    1. Doe anyone know if this type of bag can be used regardless of the brand of the sealer? I am getting to the end of my supply as well - although I do wash and re-use some of them, depending on what they have been used for. For example, nuts and fruit yes, marinated meats no.

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        I'm sure the sealer unit will seal any type of heavy bag, although you'd have to be careful. But these freezer quality bags are commercial grade so you won't get the same quality results if you try a regular plastic bag. Unless you meant the other way around?

      2. I get them at Costco. Big box of - I think - 4 wide rolls and 2 narrow rolls for much less than you'd pay elsewhere. I'm not going to give you exact prices because I'm in Canada so the prices are probably different and I also can't remember exactly how much (somewhere in the $30-ish range). I re-use the bags multiple times, if possible AND I've even re-used bags that came in commercially vac-packed products (like arborio rice etc.). As long as it was originally vacuum packaged, I think you can use it with the Food Saver.

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          I picked some up there at the end of the summer. The box was about $40. Bummed b/c I'd seen the same box once at Tuesday Morning (discount/closeout store) for $16. And I only bought one, not realizing what a great deal they were.

        2. Thanks, everyone. We don't have a BJ's but we do have Costco and I have a friend who offers to take me, so that will be on my list. We also have Tuesday Morning so I ought to pop in once in a while to see if they happen to have some.

          Thanks for the info and ideas! I admit to just throwing bags away after use but I really should be washing them. Lots of the things in the freezer are already cooked or are things like fresh corn cut from the cobs, those bags could be reused.

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          1. re: fern

            Absolutely re-use bags whenever possible. I usually cut them just below the seal, making the bag smaller for the next use, but still good enough. They say you can put them in the dishwasher, but I've never tried that.

          2. Yes, COSTCO has them and they are about the same price as ay Bed Bath and Beyond w/your 20% coupon.