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Nov 19, 2009 04:48 AM

Rockland or Norther Bergen County Need a Good Spring Form Pan

Does anyone know of any place to buy a decent spring form pan at a decent price? I know these aren't very expensive, but I have no clue where to go except for the Palisades Mall and was hoping their was a better option.

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  1. Try chef Central, there's one on Route 17 in Paramus and they have a store on Central Ave. in Hartsdale also Michael's Craft Stores. Also try TJMax or Marshall's (they may be limited but I'm sure you'll find one rthere. Good Luck and happy baking.

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      bedbath&beyond will have them, as will chef central (they will accept non-expired bed bath&beyond coupons...)

    2. Hackensack Restaurant Supply in Bergenfield is open to the public. You can call and check there to see if they have the size pan you need.

      1. Thanks everyone. I was at the mall so I just bought one at Target. I figured it was the easiest thing to do since I was already there. I won't be using it too often, I got a Wilton Excelle Elite 9" Non-Stick Springform Pan. Should work ok. What do you make in these other then cheesecake? Anything savory? I think I will start a post on the home cooking board.