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Nov 18, 2009 08:56 PM

Favorite Snack?

I am trying to snack a little more...just wondering what some of your favorite snack combinations are?

My go to snacks have been...

Air popped popcorn sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with dill and freshly grated cheese

Crostinis with fig goat cheese and fig preserves

Honeycrisp apple slices dipped in ricotta with sprinkled with cinnimon and drizzled with honey

Lend me some more suggestions...

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  1. Wow that's tough! For me it depends on what I'm in the mood for.

    Pita points and hummus
    Prune bread and tea
    Spinach and Feta Flan (just a small wedge)
    Sweet potato chips
    Tuna and crackers
    Homemade trail mix
    Red Bean and Raisin Bread with low fat cream cheese
    Pear wedges with feta cheese

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      Dried cherries
      Another vote for figs in any form
      Pita with hummus or labneh
      Cashews (or really any kind of nut)--I prefer them roasted and unsalted.
      Frico (fried rounds of grated, hard Italian cheese)
      Crostini or toasted bread with olive tapenade
      And those maddeningly addictive Japanese rice crackers that I have only once in a while because no matter how much I buy, they are all gone within a day or two.

    2. Crostinis with brie and carmelized onions

      A really fantasic chicken wing, fried naked (no breading) tossed wtih a my hot sauce & blue cheese dip

      Popcorn with parm cheese and garlic salt

      I also love a honecrisp apple, but with a hint of salt, will have to try the ricotta though

      Smashed Avocado / bacon and toast

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      1. For me, roasted carrots sprinkled liberally with sea salt

        Hard-boiled egg whites and any fruit (right now I'm on a persimmon kick or honeydew)

        Cottage cheese mixed with cooked barley or brown rice, sweetener, vanilla and cinnamon

        Baba Ghanous and pita

        Quesadilla with whole wheat tortilla and low fat cheddar/jack cheeses

        Scooped Potato skin filled with low fat cheese, cottage cheese and salsa or beans and salsa

        Lentil Salad in a Pita

        Roasted Sliced Peaches sprinkled with Cinnamon

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        1. re: Emme

          How do you hard boil egg whites?

          1. re: c oliver

            My guess would be to just boil the egg normally and remove the yolk when finished :)

            1. re: enbell

              Then why not eat the whole thing? What happens to the yokes? You're no fun :)

              1. re: c oliver

                my dog loves the yolks, and they're good for his coat!

                1. re: Emme

                  I've done the same when I need a yoke for a recipe but not the white. I'll MW and they get a little treat.

        2. I've just discovered figs. I love them for a snack, right out of the container. Something dark about their sweetness. Haven't tried Calimyrna figs yet, but the mission figs I've been eating are very good.

          1. Lately:
            cucumber slices alone or with homemade hummus
            low-salt roasted almonds (just a handful)
            apples, usually gala
            watermelon wedge (I live in FL)
            celery sticks
            hint of salt Triscuits with goat cheese
            red grapefruit