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Nov 18, 2009 08:53 PM

Long Beach Aquarium - lunch?

Hey hounds -

Am traveling to visit in-laws in Claremont this weekend. Unfortunately the IE is not a food mecca. But i love eating in the SGV and LA when possible. We will be heading to the Long Beach Aquarium one day and i'm looking for good food recs in the area. I am thinking lunch, as well as snacky stuff (coffee, bakeries, dessert) or maybe an early dinner.

Type of cuisine - nothing is off limits. I'd love some good Mexican as i have YET in all my visits to the in-laws found anything i think is spectacular. And i'm from Seattle so it's not that hard to impress me. Sad huh? But anything else you think is good - let me know. One caveat, we will have the three year old with us - so no place fancy or that is super slow.

Thanks in advance for the recs. I'll be posting separately re: any new finds in SGV or maybe, just maybe, decent food in the Inland Empire.


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  1. I dunno about good recs but the Aquarium's food sucks.

    1. They're not Mexican, but L'Opera and Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles are a few blocks away from the Aquarium. L'Opera might be okay for lunch with a little one...I'm not sure because I've only been there at night. But Roscoe's would be just fine for her. They make the best fried chicken that I've ever had, and I love that I can have savory and sweet on the same plate. Waffles are excellent...there's an interesting hint of nutmeg in the batter.
      If you have to have Asian...Benley Vietnamese is getting great reviews on the board. But it's a ways away from the Aquarium.

      Roscoe's House of Chicken
      730 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

      Benley, a vietnamese kitchen
      8191 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808

      101 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

      1. Food near the aquarium is tough, especially if you do not want to re-park, or drive anywhere. A lot of bad chains.

        That being said, when we go down to LB with our 4 year old, we will walk over to the Yardhouse along the waterfront near the aquarium. The standard meal choices for the kids, and good, (for a chain), seafood for the adults. Miso Sea Bass, Seared Ahi salad are good choices. Sit on the patio with a view of the boats, and order up an Anchor Steam.

        If you don't mind driving, I second Roscoe's. Fried chicken omelet with a waffle is tough to beat.

        1. Enrique's in Long Beach for some excellent Mexican food. The off menu specials of sea bass and pork shank are outstanding.

          1. I'm reading this too late to help for your weekend, but if you go back to Long Beach, try Modica's at 455 E. Ocean Bl, 562-435-7011. It is just a few minutes from the aquarium. They specialize in Italian sandwiches, but also have some pastas, salads and non-Italian stuff. It is very casual, good for take-out (if you want to picnic on the beach) and kid friendly.

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              Modica's is awesome. Easily the best casual food in Downtown Long Beach.