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Nov 18, 2009 08:49 PM

Mexico City - Four Day Visit - Suggestions/Thoughts?

I'll be in Mexico City next week - Thursday through Sunday nights, leaving Monday afternoon. I have been a few times in the past year, and want to do a few favorite things but also try some new stuff.

I am staying at the Condesa DF, and have a few friends to see.

Here are my ideas so far:

Drinks on the roof at Condesa DF, tacos at El Califa, then stroll to Casa Lamm for after dinner cocktails, then finish the evening at Tom's on Insurgentes.

Lunch at Contramar at 1pm, stroll around Roma, a museum in the park, a cocktail somewhere then maybe dinner at Pujol

Saturday & Sunday
no real ideas yet - maybe El Bajio?

suggestions? I have read the board and that is where I am getting the Bajio & Pujol inclination from.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Why not try some "local" fare - the type of food/meals local residents regularly eat - those not on an expense account? It'll help balance the experience.

    I enjoy listening to the mariachi at Plaza Garibaldi and then having something to eat in the adjacent San Camilito food/restaurant market - where there are 30+ places to choose from. The interior spaces of Mercados La Merced, Jamaica and San Cosme are interesting places I stop to eat, also.

    There have been so many excellent prior responses to questions similar to yours I wouldn't know where to start - so I suggest you do some additional searching to see what catches your eye, and then you can post for updates if the material might be stale.

    Have a great trip.

    1. In terms of cocktails, how about a mescal bar? I love Felina in Condesa -- technically not a mezcal bar per se, but they do have great ambience, chill music, and a nice selection of artisan mescals. It's at Baja California and Ozulama, I believe. La Botica is another mescal bar in Condesa, but in my experience it's always super crowded, noisy and difficult to find a table. If you're up for a journey to Coyoacan, Corazón de Maguey (formerly O Mayatl) is also a great place to have mescal, or a mescal cocktail. It's right on the plaza. They've got nice apps too -- I enjoyed the guacamole with chapulines.

      Another fave of mine is Salón Conde in Condesa, off of Tamaulipas and Michoacan. Great for tacos and other casual eats, and they've got wonderful in-house cocktails, and a DJ that plays anything from Van Halen to Daft Punk. Might be a nice balance to the fancier places like Pujol.

      If you can swing it, do El Cardenal in the Centro Historico for breakfast. It's fabulous.

      1. I love Califa! And, Im usually the only gringa there.

        Another good place for tacos al pastor, etc is El Tizoncito on Tamalipas (there is another El Tizoncito on the side street that is good if the one on Tamalipas is packed.

        And C25 on the street that sort of merges with Culiacan near Park Amsterdam is excellent. Across from the Red Tree House Hotel. Probably the best meal I've had in DF and it would be a weekly spot if it was in NYC.

        I could eat tacos al pastor every meal, but if you want the stewed meat/vegetable style of tacos - Hola tacos on Michoacan at Amsterdam(?) - again, I was the only non-local at this place. Gets packed!

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          Based on a visit last March, I don't think I would ever skip Contramar on a trip to Mexico City. It's definitely in the expense account league, but worth every penny. And it was all locals--many coming and going in armored SUVs--when we were there.

        2. Al Andar is a small mezcaleria in calle Regina, Centro Historico. Lots of artisanal mezcales and simple good food (i like the fish quesadillas and green pozole). It's located on a beautiful pedestrian street, fondas, restaurants, bars and a traditional pulqueria. Lovely Regina Coelli church and plaza.

          1. I was at Pujol last week, and it was easily one of the best meals I have had this year. Olvera does traditional dishes from all over the country, but his own interpretation of them. His mole di olla was stellar, as was the robalito al pastor, and the aguachile. I recommend the tasting menu highly, along with the wine pairings. And tell Marianna hello for me!