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Nov 18, 2009 08:49 PM

Disneyland/ downtown disney good eats please!

I'm heading to disneyland with the kids next week and would like some ideas on where to eat. Rec's for inside the park and Downtown Disney would be great. I haven't heard much about the food, so i would like some ideas on the best places to go. Thanks!

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  1. There have been a few posts on the board about food inside the Disneyland Resort. Just use the search function.
    Inside the park:
    Dole pineapple whip float by the Tiki room (DL)
    Corn dogs from the Little Red Wagon at the end of Main Street next to the Family Center (DL)
    Skewers at Bengal BBQ across from the Jungle Cruise (DL)
    Sourdough boule with clam chowder New Orleans Square (DL) Pacific Wharf (DCA)
    Ice cream sundaes at the train (DCA)
    Oustide the park:
    Filet mignon/bleu cheeseburger and begniets (sp?) at the Jazz Kitchen (DD)
    Napa Rose Restaurant inside the Grand Californian Hotel
    There's better food outside of the Disney grounds....Vietnamese in nearby Little Saigon and Marri's Italian down the street from the park.

    Napa Rose Restaurant
    1600 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

    Marri's Pizza & Italian
    1194 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802

    1. In the park I like the Monte Cristo Sandwich (they have two kinds) at Cafe Orleans. It's pretty good and not a bad deal for around $15.00. And what's nice this is one of the few restaurants that is not self serve.

      1. Try doing a search on this board; there are many, many threads on this frequent topic.

        If you go here, scroll part way down for the threads:

        1. Napa Rose is outstanding ! There is lots of information and reviews on this board about the place.