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Nov 18, 2009 08:00 PM

Gnarly Head

There's a coupon in today's paper for a rebate on Gnarly Head wines. I have seen then in local stores but never tried them. Should I?

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    1. re: eddiemartinez27

      Gnarley Head Old Vine Zin is an excellent wine for the $. An excellent everyday wine and then some. Right now in Ohio I've found it at $8.99 a bottle. Bargain.

      1. re: KathyP

        It was on sale at Albertson's for $8.88 and I got a 10% discount for buying 6. With Gnarly Head's mail-in rebate it will cost me about $5/bottle. haven't tasted it yet!

    2. This is spooky.

      Just last night, in our restaurant, I ran out of a wine that a table of five was drinking. I had some Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel '05 on hand. They trusted my judgment -- and after they finished the bottle they were raving about the stuff. So I had it with my dinner that night.

      Wow! It turns out not only is the Old Vine Zin a superb value, but it also ages really nicely. At least in the case of the '05.

      I was so pleased with how this turns up, the '05 will be one of the wines on this year's Thanksgiving table. And I'm going to buy some of the latest vintage, to see if they've kept up the good work since the last time I bought their wine ('06, perhaps).