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Nov 18, 2009 07:19 PM

What to serve with boeuf bourguignon?

I'm having a 10-person dinner party soon and to save effort, etc, I'm making a basic boueuf bourguignon that I've made before and that I know is failproof. The problem: I have no idea what else to serve. Is good bread + a simple salad enough? Should there be something else?

Relatedly, and I know I'm an idiot for not really knowing the answer here, do you suggest serving the stew in bowls or plates? If I do bowls, should I do the salad (or whatever the side is) as a separate course?

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  1. There is no set rule as to what to serve with or how to serve it. It depends on many things such as how formal is your dinner party; how much you want to put out; the likes and dislikes of your guess; what do you like to cook, what else is in the boeuf bourguignon (potatoes, mushrooms?) etc. Serving it in a bowl or plate is also up to you: how thick is the sauce, which china do you like better. If you decide on a bowl, do you want liners?
    If there is potato in the bourguignon, I would not serve any other starch other than some bread, otherwise, fresh noodle, steam little potatoes, mashed potato are all good
    As for serving a salad: if it is a formal dinner party, I would definitely serve a salad as a separate course; for first course: something more elaborate such endive, apples, blue cheese, walnut, etc. Just a simple green salad if served after the boeuf bourguignon.

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      I just served this at a Dinner party and it was a big success. I had no potatos in my stew so I seved with Salad of Spring mix with a dijon mustard dressing then I did roasted garlic mashed potatos and I also did a slow roasted Fall veggie combo of turnips , burssel sprouts and carrots. For desseI did fruit crepes.

    2. We just serve some simply boiled potatoes alongside