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Nov 18, 2009 07:09 PM

Fishbones- anyone ever have a good meal there? [Detroit Area]

I have not.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I assume this is about the Detroit area Fishbones restaurants.

      To answer the original poster's question: no. I have no idea how the place(s) (both of them) is able to stay alive as long as it has. The food is just lousy. They must sell a *boatload* of alcohol in order to cover the fact that they couldn't cook good food at gunpoint.

      It has been *years* since I've even set foot in either of them, and I anticipate that it will be many more years until I do. When they do finally close their doors, I won't be shedding any tears, except perhaps tears of joy. Not every restaurant closing is a bad thing.

      1. Yes. Over the years have had several sandwich plates, and celebrated an engagement with dinner at the St Clair Shores location. Also an Easter Sunday brunch at the Greektown location.

        I wouldn't wish them ill.

        1. Good? Not especially good. It wasn't bad/horrible; but for me, that doesn't
          exactly map to good.

          Will I return? No. Unless there is a group outing/event ... and it just happens
          to be there.

          My memories:

          - Food nothing special
          - Service was unknowledable & inattentive
          - Ambviance - NOISY (Southfield loc)

          I can spend less money elsewhere for better food, service & ambviance.

          1. I did, over 15 years ago. The food was good, not fantastic. The server was upbeat and friendly. it totally impressed my teenaged self. Not sure how it would be now...

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              The alligator bites were good when I last had them. How good a specialty appetizer is (for the area, at least) is not something for the basis of recommendation.

              I would never wish for any business to close. Especially since it means people would be out of jobs and enough people like the place to keep them open all these years.