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Nov 18, 2009 06:16 PM

H & H bagels shuttered?

Apparently the owner has been engaging in massive tax fraud, never good in a down economy where the state is trying to chase every penny possible.

The few times I've been there, I've enjoyed their bagels, but it's sad to see that the owner was ripping off his employees and the government. Unethical behavior always makes the food taste less delicious to me.

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  1. I was sad to see that also, although I haven't had a H&H bagel in years. When I lived on W. 79th St., in the mid '80s, I ate one almost every day. I'm with you on the unethical behavior, although, somewhat perversely, I think less of a restaurant that cheats its employees (see: Saigon Grill) than one that defrauds the government.

    1. Yes, it's deplorable. But the store was opened today and just because the owner has been charged doesn't necessarily mean it will close. I remember several years ago wjhen a favorite Chinese place in Sunset Park, Brooklyn was charged with failure to pay state taxes- they closed and re-opned within weeks under a different name but with the same owner and staff.

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        This name-shuffling/ 3 cup monte game has happened with numerous restaurants, esp. ones that cheat their workers, ie Saigon Grill. I agree that stiffing the workers is worse than stiffing the government but indirectly, it winds up impacting all of us if government agencies are broke. Plus it's not fair to employers such as other restaurants who do pay taxes and have to charge higher prices.

        I ate at Saigon Grill a few times a long time ago and was really surprised by their low low prices. Needless to say, I stopped eating there after all the news came out about how little the owners paid their workers (like 80 cents an hour sometimes if I recall). And then the low prices made plenty of sense.