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Cook-out in Asheville

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It appears that a Cook-out burger place is being built at the site of the old IHOP on Tunnel Road at White Pine Drive. No news as to when it will be open but it doesn't appear that it will be all that long. I've never eaten at one but a quick search here gives them okay reviews. Any experienced customers out there with opinions?

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  1. Strictly fast food. Better than the big ff chains. but nothing really special. LOTS of shake choices. My kids can attest to their value better than I...

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    1. re: Hushpuppy

      How does it compare to Five Guys?

      1. re: Jeff C.

        in my opinion they are much better than five guys. they grill their burgers while five guys are greasy, to me at least. Their fries are sorry but get the onion rings and a shake with your burger or better yet get a carolina dog

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          It really depends on the location--I have not found any that have edible onion rings in the Raleigh-Durham area but their fries are always spot on.

    2. Cook Out is pretty good. As mentioned, lots of milkshake choices(50 or so). For my money, the best thing on the menu is a small burger, Cheddar Style.

      1. Don't go to Cook Out expecting fine dining. But as far as fast food goes--hot dogs, burgers, shakes--it's the best you can get (besides maybe local non-chains). The burgers are always good, you can get any two sides--including chicken nuggets, corn dogs, hot dogs, onion rings, fries, hush puppies, and more--and a "huge" (I think 32oz) drink for $5 or less. They also have great BBQ and really good chicken sandwiches. Lots of good combinations too, like "Out West" style. All-in-all, best fast food place I know of. And I've never seen one with a sanitation grade below 99.5 (and I've eaten at 10 or more unique Cook Out restaurants).

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          Thanks for the advice. I certainly don't expect fine dining from a place that only serves from a drive-up window. I'm thinking of it more as a quick lunch pickup on my way back to the office after a lunch hour filled with errands....

          Thanks for the tips.

        2. The shakes are fantastic. Here's an old list of flavors:


          My favorites have got to be banana pudding, strawberry cheesecake, and peanut butter cheesecake. Oreo and Oreo Mint are also very popular, but I'm not a fan of Oreos so I can't judge.

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            All good choices. Any of the fruit-based shakes are good picks, too.

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              gotta say that caramel cheesecake milkshake has always been my favorite of any cookout.

            2. Cookout is rad! It's the only fast food worth eating. Their motto is Bugers that taste like they were cooked outside"...and they really do. They are thin though, go with the Big double burger tray, then you get two sides...I go with chicken nuggets(3), and a corn dog with an iced tea...all for $4.25!

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                I've never had the hamburgers at Cookout, but the chicken sandwiches are possibly the best thing I've ever eaten from a fast food place. The milkshakes are great too.

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                  You cant think of it as a hamburger like you would normally eat...it's a different animal...it's fast food, not gourmet....

                2. so, i'm confused...we were hungry for a burger the other day (mo daddy's was closed, we tried burgermeister's once in the past which was quite enough) and thought we'd try cookout despite it having been panned here...but we couldn't find any kind of contact information for them online, or an address other than what's mentioned here.

                  have they closed already?

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                    They're still open or were as of a few days ago. I've been through their line a couple of times since my first visit and have revised my opinion. Their burgers are a notch above the other fast food places. Still not as good as home made or a good (if you can find it) restaurant burger.

                    1. re: Leepa

                      thanks, Leepa...we did finally find it. i'm geographically challenged.

                      we still haven't been, though...will have to be in the mood for a burger to take out, since they don't appear to have seating (or did i miss that as well?).

                  2. Cook Out is a good choice when you need fast-food. Their BBQ is better than Stameys, several of my co-workers agree. You get a lot of food for the price. The chicken on the chicken sandwich is not processed. I love their burgers but I go to 5 Guys now when I want a burger. My fav shakes are banana pudding, watermelon (seasonal), pineapple, and mint oreo. I get hush puppies when I just want a snack and they are always piping hot. Enjoy your lunch!

                    1. I've had take out from here several times. Excellent burgers. I also had a chicken wrap once. It was pretty solid. The prices are good too. This place reminds me of Rush's in Columbia, SC area. Definitely the best "fast food" in the Tunnel Road/East AVL area, IMO.