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Where to buy glasses in quantity in Los Angeles?

I am having 25 people over for Thanksgiving and just realized I don't have enough matching water & wine glasses! I'd like to buy in bulk so I was thinking a restaurant supply? I'm in Pasadena and Playa del Rey in the next week...any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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        1. Star restaurant supply, or there's another new one, the name's escaping me right now, on Beverly in the Fairfax district, that someone posted about recently. Do a search & it may come up.

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            I think the place on the corner of Beverly and Fairfax is called Bargain Fair, I was just in there recently and was amazed at the quality for price. Can't be beat!

            1. Thank you so much! Ikea is a great idea. CnB is a bit pricey, and I want them boxed for storage. I'll definitely check Surfas. I couldn't tell from their website if they had them or not.

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                Oh, and if you want them boxed, places like Ross or TJMaxx often have very attractive glasses, although again, you're at the mercy of their stock. Ikea is cheap and reliable, and if you break some and want more, you should be able to get more that match next year.

              2. How about Cost Plus??? I always have liked their matching duos. Some casual, some appropriate for the holidays. I like their cloth napkins too....

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                  Well, a lot depends on your budget : )

                  I love Ikea and as you get them boxed, it's hard to go wrong, You can also get cute tumblers/tea light holders to use for wine.
                  The place on Beverly and fairfax - haven't been there for years - is bargain fair


                  And lastly, believe it or not - dollar tree. You can pre-order glasses by the case and they don't look half bad!


                  Good luck : )

                2. have you considered renting them?
                  the rental places give you the clean glasses individually wrapped in plastic.
                  you use them.
                  you put the dirty glasses back in the cardboard crate.
                  you return the dirty glasses to the party rental place.

                  no washing
                  no storing.

                  much, much, much. easier.

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                    Now that's an interesting thought. Never heard of renting glasses -- I assume they also rent plates, silverware, serving spoons, etc.?

                    BTW, is there a place to rent Thanksgiving guests who are more interesting than certain friends and relatives? Put the dirty guests back in the crate, return to rental place, no washing, no snoring ....

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                      Yes, you can rent place settings as well. Unless you have absolutely nowhere to store your extras, seems like a waste of money, unless you NEVER entertain. And some rental companies are a pain to deal with, and charge you for delivery, tax you and will charge for anything missing or broken, as they should.

                      Extra plates, glasses, etc are an investment, IMHO, since I have parties & host events frequently.

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                        i've happily used rental companies several times.
                        i've never used one of the majors, just mom and pop places.
                        have been extremely pleased.
                        in my experience, the mom and pop places don't nickel and dime you.

                        i love not having to wash dishes and
                        i love not devoting an inch of square footage in my house to storing stuff that only gets used every few years.
                        when i factored in the value of the storage space, and the value of my labor to wash/pack/store, it was cheaper to rent.
                        not to mention the time, gas, and irritation involved in shopping, driving, loading the car, unloading the car prewashing, postwashing, etc.

                        the party rental places delivered the day of the party and picked up the next day.

                        can't remember the name of the place that i used the last time. irrc it was on washington blvd or washington place very near samosa house. i also rented napkins and table clothes (again, they get returned dirty, so no laundry).

                        the rental approach has an additional advantage in that no matter what the size of your future parties, you will always have matching stuff and serving pieces in the right quantity.
                        this year's party may have only twenty five people. when your daughter goes away to college, becomes the manager of the college ice hockey team, and the team is playing a game in southern california in late november, she may bring the entire team home for thanksgiving that year. . . . . (this has happened in my family).

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                      The more I think about your recommendation the more I think it makes sense for what the OP is asking for.
                      I've rented tables, linens, place settings etc. for large parties, beautiful things, and it was so nice to have someone drop them off, place them and pick them up again.
                      Twenty-five glasses, rented, is a very good idea and much easier, as you say.

                      1. Action Sales Inc is a restaurant supply store open to the public in Monterey Park on Atlantic which is also open to the public..

                        415 S Atlantic Blvd
                        Monterey Park, CA 91754-3209
                        (626) 308-1988

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                            I think Target even has some Reidel glasses.

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                              They do, bought them there before. I was just there yesterday, only problem with a store like Target, is you're at the mercy of their stock, which isn't always very good. The one in Culver City had hardly any stock left, and what was left was picked over. Then you have to get back in the car, back in traffic and go to another store. Not really worth the time & effort unless you know for sure, they have a dozen glasses that are the same, etc.

                          2. Downtown the "Dish Factory".
                            Restaurant supply place with good prices !

                            Dish Factory
                            310 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles - (213) 687-9501

                            1. Bargains LA just had a posting for the Gibson Factory in Commerce. In addition to dishes, they have nice glassware, massively discounted. In commerce, weekdays only.


                              1. one more idea: bed, bath, and beyond. they had sets of 8 for 8$ and if you have one of their coupons, you can pay even less. good luck!

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                                  Oh! Good call! And you can find one almost everywhere : )