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Nov 18, 2009 04:50 PM

Chinese wine - 'Great Wall 2002 Red or White' - Anyone tried them?

Just read that the Chinese government served the 2002 Great Wall red and White during the state dinner given to Obama. Out of curiosity, has any fellow chowhounder tried them? I understand the red is CS based, any idea what grape varietal was used to make the white?

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  1. The White is described in CellarTracker! as a blend.
    This Web site suggests the white is Chardonnay

    1. I have a bottle of the Red that someone brought back for me from China.

      I've been too afraid to try it!

      I remember reading that Lafite-Rothschild (or was it Latour?) has bought a property in "China's Bordeaux". Will been interesting to see how that goes...