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Nov 18, 2009 03:39 PM

Chinese in Monterey Park?

First time to L.A. Will be in Monterey park for first night. looking for dinner and chinese breakfast as well, Is there any place that has taiwan hamburgers? TIA.

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    1. could you be more specific?
      there's a place selling guilin noodles (cafe eight), a good sichuan place ( chungking on garfield) a few nice huaiyang places (giang-nan, lake spring garden), a place with crossing bridge noodles and yunnan steampot chicken (yunchuan on garfield) a place that has litltle taiwanese snacks, several hong kong and guangzhou style seafood houses, a vegetarian restaurant (happy family on atlantic) act a few, a very good hunan place (hengyang chilli king [sic]) and many more and that's just monterey park. alhambra, rosemead, san gabriel, hacienda heights, temple city, and points further east have great food as well.
      i like the yogurt at beijing suan-nai, blue cherry on main st in alhambra at 2nd st.
      breakfast ok at yung ho on valley.

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        Thank you Jerome, we are coming in from San Francisco so no need for Hong Kong or Guanzhou style. do you have the name of the taiwan snack place? also shainghai place.
        Thanks for all your suggestions. Just saw your review of giang-nan, sounds perfect for us! can't wait. and won't pass on the tang yuen for dessert.

        1. re: wubai

          the baked snacks from taiwan are three or four doors down from giang nan in the same mall. it has the character xie - crab, in the title. can't remember the name more clearly. others here are better acquainted with taiwanese snacks than I am.

        2. re: Jerome

          ",,,a good sichuan place ( chungking on garfield)."

          The Chung King I live for is on San Gabriel Blvd.

          A great Hunan place is Hengyang Chilli King at 138 East Garvey, Monterey Park

        3. Dinner: Giang Nan (Garfield) or Mei Long Village (301 W. Valley Blvd., Shanghai-style, good lion's head & xiaolongbao)

          Chinese Breakfast: Yung Ho Tou Chiang (in the minimall in the NE corner of New and Valley) - fresh soy milk (sweet or savory), cruellers (yeoh tiao), sesame cakes (sow bing), and Hubei doupee.

          Taiwanese: SinBaLa (on Duarte in Arcadia) - excellent Taiwanese shaved ice.


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          1. re: J.L.

            my fav chinese is in san gabriel its called tang cang aka newport seafood its on las tunas . they have lunch special until 4pm it gets real bussy there i recomend salt and pepper fried porkchop , fish with basil , kung pao chiken , pretty much everything on the menu lol give it a try youre gonna love it

            1. re: J.L.

              For Chinese breakfast, I strongly recommend Four Sea over Yung Ho. For everything I've tried at both places, Four Sea had better overall quality.

              1. re: TracyS

                This is all kind of outside the scope of this thread, and probably not what the OP was looking for.... but anyway, re: Four Sea do you mean the one on Las Tunas or the one in Rowland Heights?

                I like both of them (Si Hai / Four Seas); not sure if they're owned by the same people or not. However, the Rowland Heights one is kind of a drive, + a little more expensive. I also like Yi Mei on Atlantic, and (to a lesser extent) Mei Lin Tou Chiang (i.e., Dou Jiang) on Valley. To me, they are better than Yung Ho, though I've only been to Yung Ho once or twice.

                Yi-Mei Chinese Bakery Shop
                728 S Atlantic Blvd # 104, Monterey Park, CA

                Mei Lin Tou Chiang Restaurant
                1257 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

                Four Sea Restaurant
                2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

                1. re: will47

                  I"m referring to the Four Sea on Hacienda Blvd. in Hacienda Heights.

            2. go to yi mei for your taiwanese breakfast fix.

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              1. re: wilafur

                Thank you everyone for your responses.

                1. re: wubai

                  please post when you've eaten and give your reviews.

                  1. re: Jerome

                    will do. look around the first of the year. thanks again.

              2. Just back, We had Dinner at Giang Nan. Had the Meatball with duck egg inside, Very good Shanghai rice cake in soup. Braised fish tail, xiao long bao, which had a good amount of soup inside and not to thick wrapper. and my favorite dish was the tang yuen for desert, very large portion with egg also in the soup and garnished with what I think was chopped chrysentemum flowers.
                Lunch was at Mandarin Deli on S. atlantic, Because it was monday and yimei was closed. The yangchow fried rice was really good with decent amount of shrimp and no filler, like peas. great wonton soup and beef ball soup with fun noodles, also inexpensive and very friendly service.
                our other Dinner was at My way Deli next to 99 Ranch. A taiwan snacks restaurant. we had deep fried Pomfret. really good. Noodles with squid, with some chilli's and a sweet sauce. fried fish cake. and sweet rice cake with taiwan sausage.
                We also had take out Dim Sum at Yum Cha Cafe. very cheap and good quality.

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                  Glad to hear that you enjoyed the food! Thanks for the update.