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Nov 18, 2009 03:24 PM

Recs for Trump Taj Mahal and Showboat hotels in Atlantic City

I'd really appreciate recs for any of the restaurants in the Trump Taj Mahal or Showboat hotels in Atlantic City.

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  1. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of either casino's dining that you have listed. If at the Taj, I actually eat at the noodle bar usually, which although over priced, is decent. Their BBQ isn't bad. I forget what it is called, but you'll know it when you see it.

    At the Showboat, I don't think that you have many options. The best option in my opinion, which is only an option if you know someone who is a member, is the Foundation Room at the House of Blues. Very cool place, and very cool atmosphere. I was a Foundation Room member at the Chicago HOB before I moved to NJ in '02, so if for whatever reason we're at Showboat, I will call in a favor to the old GM at Chicago HOB to set me up with a reservation. Again, the food is over priced, but it is good. And the ambiance is very cool. The Italian place there is OK, and the steak house is ok as well.

    Are you stuck at these casino's and absolutely HAVE to dine there? If not, hail a cab and head over to Borgata. You have options such as Bobby Flays, Wolfgang Puck's, and Gordon Ramsay's Italian place Forneletto (sp?). They actually have a nice wine list, although a bit over priced, and have a week night where they do wine pairings and small plates. I forget what night it was, maybe Thursday. There is also a fish place in Borgata (Deep Sea or something?) that is good, and the other steak house (The Sherry Brothers)is good as well. -mJ

    1. At the Taj there is Il Mulino, which has been getting great reviews around town.

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        Il Mulino is very good and they actually have two restaurants side by side. One side is more formal and thus more expensive, the other side is more of a trattoria and more casual. Though I think you can order off the menu from the more formal restaurant when dining in the trattoria. I've eaten in the trattoria and liked it very much.
        Here is the link.


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          Looks like we need to give it another whirl next time we're down there! -mJ