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Nov 18, 2009 02:38 PM

Homemade holiday gifts

Your suggestions appreciated for your favorite homemade holiday gifts. In the past I've done the usual cookies, breads, candies, spice rubs, infused oils & vinegars, mustards, fruit preserves, jams, compotes and even liquors. Would a foodie appreciate a gift of either a flavored balsamic glaze, or freshly made roux?

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  1. I love food, but if I got anything too 'foodie'... I'd want a recipe to go with it!

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      To tell you the truth I would rue a gift of roux. LOL couldn't resist. But, seriously it is not the most visually pleasing gift. If you want to go for labor intensive and a little funky how about a gift of good mature sourdough starter along with a recipe and, perhaps, a baked loaf of the finished bread. this foodie would also love good kitchen towels and a supply of; sparkling sugars, parchment paper, cooling racks,hefty potholders, a chef's coat.