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Nov 18, 2009 02:00 PM

Mail order food gifts

Seeking quality mail order food gifts...anyone have a favorite they can recommend.

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  1. You can't beat Zingermans. The gifts are pricey, but they are impressive.

      1. In general, I feel mail order food items to be very expensive for what they are......but Harry and David is some pretty incredible stuff. The Bakery Gift Baskets for cookies and the Pears are second to none.......worth every over-priced penny.

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          Last year I sent everyone a nice selection of country ham, sausage and bacon from Edwards Hams, in Surry, VA. We have a sentimental connection to them, because they're just a few miles from the Jamestown Ferry (which runs from Scotland Neck to Jamestown), that my husband and I have taken back and forth from his parents, to my parents, for decades. AND they're wonderful!

          The year before, I sent everyone goody boxes of heirloom beans, hot sauce, and posole, from my FAVORITE online food retailer, Ranch Gordo ( Those were a big hit and my sisters are now repeat customers, too.

          This year, I'm sending something made right here in Iowa, that's actually edible <g>: award-winning prosciutto samplers from

          My sister has sent us cheese selections from I Gourmet, and my other sister air-shipped me a wonderful bunch of cheese and fresh sausages from her local favorite, Di Bruno Brothers of Philadelphia.

          AND I send out two other regional and sentimental favorites, Hubs Peanuts (my husband knows the family and went to school with their daughter) ....and grapefruit from Pittman and Davis ( ) from the Rio Grand Valley, where my mother grew up and where my brother lives, now...and where my grand daddy was a citrus inspector for the FDA back during the Depression.

          All of these companies have excellent products, friendly staff, and wonderful service.