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Nov 18, 2009 01:59 PM

food/hotel Sao Paulo

Would you recommend La Mar and Dalva e Dito? Also is the Grand Hyatt in a very commercial area and would it be better to stay in the Jardins neighborhood? Thanks

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  1. I stayed in the Jardins area when I visited São Paulo.

    You have to visit the restaurant, 'Figueira Rubaiyat' ( This is a huge restaurant located mostly under a massive fig tree.

    D.O.M. was, well, not really special - I don't see why it belongs in the supposed list of the world's top fifty restaurants. It was really boring...

    Also, you have to check-out the shop, Daslu (, a massive mall for the super wealthy of Brazil. Their rosé wine bar, or, their Champagne bar, are quite fun to frequent, yet, this place is really over-the-top.


    Richard Maloney

    1. The Jardins are the best area for a tourist to stay. Especially if you can stay close to the Oscar Freire area where you can find beautiful shops and good restaurants, it's a great strolling area. But Sao Paulo is not a walking city so you are going to be taking cabs everywhere.
      I respectfully disagree with the post below about D.O.M. I liked my dinner there very much, but it is quite expensive. If you want to go for a splurge I would choose Fasano, it's better than D.O.M.
      Sao Paulo has wonderful food, you can't go wrong. I don't know either La Mar or Dalva. But you can find good Sao Paulo suggestions if you search this board.