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Nov 18, 2009 01:38 PM

Best Indonesian Food (including outer buroughs)

It seems like everyone has an opinion on Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian etc, etc... But I have yet to hear anything really about Indonesian. Is there any buzz about a good place? I used to frequent a spot in my home town of MD and have really missed it here in NYC... Opinions?

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  1. you are pretty much limited to the outer boroughs when it comes to indonesian so I'd throw your search queries on that board. what will come up is all basically in elmhurst: upi jaya, minangasli, mie jakarta. there are some malay/indo hybrids in chinatown and probably some other places in queens. and throughout the summertime, you will need to wait for the well-documented indonesian food bazaars held at the Al-Hikmah mosque in Astoria.

    1. The Queens Indonesian restaurants are okay, especially Minangasli. I still drive (pathetically) back to Philly to go to Hardena, which swims culinary circles around its NYC counterparts. Its chef is formerly of the Chowhound-endorsed NY Indonesian consulate cafeteria, and her cooking is out of this world. If you're ever in South Philly, go to 15th and Moore. Steam tables, crappy plastic covers on the tables, BYOB, and totally amazing food. In the meantime, do go to Queens--the food is not spectacular, but it's still a great cuisine.

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        i do recall that one of the people I met at the summer astoria mosque events preferred Upi Jaya over all of the queens ones. There is also a grocer store on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst named Java Grocery that carries a lot of prepared foods, some from Philly and other area home cooks.

        8512 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11373

        Also, Java Village is a dingy steamtable joint which is pretty damn good as well. It is on Justice Avenue, also in Elmhurst.