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Nov 18, 2009 01:14 PM

Iron Chef Challenge - Pineapple

Any ideas for an entree with pineapple as one of the main ingredients? It needs to be able to travel. Considering this Super Short Rib recipe from epicurious, but would love other ideas/suggestions (and not sure the pineapple would really stand out in this dish). Thanks so much!

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  1. The super short rib recipe is amazing, but you don't taste or feel pineapple when it is done, because the pineapple completely dissolves (though I admit that I follow the suggestions in the comments thread and use crushed pineapple, but I think that even chunks would melt away).

    However, because the meal is so wonderful, you could bring out the pineapple flavor by serving the short ribs with a sort of "pineapple gremolata." Or perhaps on a bed of pineapple rice?

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      Thank you for the stamp of approval on that recipe and the "pineapple gremolata" idea - I'm going to try that.

    2. I love that Super Short Rib recipe and I feel like a broken record with it because I am always recommending it, but I agree with katecm -- the pineapple itself kind of disappears and leaves the sweet flavor behind. I, too, use crushed pineapple, but maybe toward the end of the cooking process you could add some additional pineapple chunks and then they won't melt away.