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Feb 18, 2005 05:25 PM

Do good baguettes really exist in LA?

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I've got a traveling friend from Austria staying with me now, who is lamenting the lack of really excellent bakery bread-- you know, the kind you can find baking even in European gas stations and it's still 100 times better thn the baguettes you get at the supermarket.

I'm talking the kind of bread where when you bite into it, you have more crumbs on your lap than in your mouth, with a wonderful crispness to the outside and a softness on the inside, without the gumminess and chew that characterizes American attempts at European bread.

Please help, fellow hounds!

Mr. Taster

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  1. see mr. baguette, near rosemead in arcadia

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    1. re: x

      I agree, they are the best I've had in LA.

      Here's the address: 8702 E. Valley Blvd.

      1. re: Dan-o

        I really like to add fresh butter on these. They are very crusty outside yet airy inside. Also, Mr. baguette prices cannot be beat.

        If I am going to make french toast from sliced baguette bread then I get them from La Brea Bakery. These seem to be a little more dense and hold the mixture of Eggs, cream, sugar, orange juice, vanilla and cinnamon better. The more airy Mr. baguette bread does not work as well with that much moisture and other things IMO.

        1. re: JeetJet

          I LOVE the la brea baguette. The ones from Costco no less. 4 bucks for 2.

    2. No question...

      Pain Du Jour
      (310) 399-4870
      828 Pico Blvd,
      Santa Monica

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      1. re: D'oh

        I heard that place closed down a while back. Not the case?

        1. re: chowchick

          They were open last week. Good as ever. French as ever.

          1. re: Palisadesman

            I second that emotion! They've revamped and have plans for more. FINALLY a good bakery and coffee shop in Sunset Park. Whoopee!



      2. I have yet to find a bread in LA whose crust is both crisp and tender - whether it's the flour, the water or the kneading, it just does not seem to happen. The only baguette I've found here that I can enjoy for itself is Trader Joe's French (not the sourdough!). It's a poor imitation, but a starving man will eat bugs, won't he?

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        1. re: Will Owen

          I have yet to try a trader joes bread i could stand. I do shop there regularly, just never for bread.

          1. re: onethatgotaway

            I agree- I love TJ's as well, but their fruit and bread are their weakest links

            Mr. Taster

            1. re: Mr. Taster

              The only bread I like from Traders is the demi pain rustica, which is basically all crust. I sure wish they would offer something better.

        2. It's an international chain, but I really like Le Pain Quotidien. There's one on Melrose, west of La Cienega, one in Beverly Hills on Santa Monica Blvd and I just noticed one in Santa Monica near the Promenade. Check out the website for actual addresses.

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          1. re: Nick

            I agree. And their meringues are excellent.

            1. re: Nick

              I second that... and the brownies are insanely delicious and decadent!! I can't make it home without finishing it in the car first. Terrible :)

              1. re: Ash

                And Starting Next Week, The Studio City location will began Baking the baguettes in the store. and you will be able to buy fresh and warm. Normally they are delivered every morning from the commissary.

            2. Jon's Market has the best, I think. In white bags in a basket in the deli section. Just what you're talking about. Crumbs all over the place and softness inside. Light as a feather. And you gotta eat it the day you get it or it's all dried out.

              Around a buck for 8-12 oz. loaf.

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              1. re: 2chez mike

                Which Jon's Market? 'Cause the one at Hollywood and Vermont has a wretched bread section.

                1. re: maxzook

                  The best baguettes i've seen are at the Jons on Roscoe and Winnetka and _occasionally_ at Bristol farms. It's the ones that are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. They do become completely dry the next day, so you have to eat it right away. It's excellent bread though. Can't stand TJ's baguettes - dry and tasteless.

                  Try em with butter and red caviar - now that's good breakfast :)