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Nov 18, 2009 01:11 PM

Sausage Stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving?

My mom just passed away after a very sudden illness, leaving me to prepare Thanksgiving for the family (as this was her wish). One BIG problem - I can't find her recipe for stuffing anywhere (if she even wrote it down). It was actually something my father's father used to make, and he, my aunt, and I remember the following ingredients:

Jimmy Dean sausage
Cheap "stuffing" bread
Chicken Broth
Evaporated Milk
Bell's (poutry) seasoning

I've found several recipes online, but nothing that incorporated eggs and evaporated milk into the mix. Anyone ever heard of something similar, or have their own sausage-based stuffing recipes?

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  1. That's pretty much the standard sausage stuffing recipe you will find on the tube of sausage or on a bag of stuffing mix. Instead of evaporated milk, I use heavy cream. I omit the Bells seasoning......and I use melted butter and Turkey stock made the day before roasting the turkey..

    I like to use Pepperidge Farms Herb Stuffing Mix or Pepperidge Farms White Bread.....rather than a Wonder Bread type white bread.