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Nov 18, 2009 12:55 PM

Tuesday night dinner specials

I was wondering if anyone has sugestions on dinner specials for next Tuesday night. I have found May Street Market, Han, and Sweets & Savories, but wanted to see if there are any other great places that I am overlooking.

Checked Metromix but can't find anything.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. >> Checked Metromix but can't find anything.

    Huh? Metromix has 201 different restaurant deals listed for this coming Tuesday:

    Two of my favorite restaurants in the city have deals on Tuesday nights.

    Cafe des Architectes ( ), in the Sofitel off Michigan Avenue, is my favorite casual fine dining restaurant in the city. They feature spectacularly delicious contemporary American cuisine (with a slight French accent) from Chef Martial Noguier. On Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, they offer their "neighborhood friends" special menu, 3 courses for $29, along with their regular a la carte and prix fixe menus. The restaurant is beautiful, too, with one wall forming part of the curved glass facade on the front of the Sofitel.

    La Sardine ( ) is a French bistro in the West Loop, and on Tuesdays they feature any three items (starter, entree, dessert) for $25. Their sister restaurant in Wicker Park, Le Bouchon ( ) has the same deal on Tuesdays. Very good food.

    Reservations are highly recommended at any of these places. I'm not sure about the others on Tuesdays but I've seen La Sardine VERY busy that night of the week.