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Nov 18, 2009 12:45 PM

Lower Manhattan office holiday party suggestions

Hi -- I've been charged with organizing our office's holiday party, and I'm looking for a venue in lower Manhattan, let's say south of Canal St., but maybe venturing as far north as Houston.
This would be for no more than 30 people; doesn't necessitate a private room (but would welcome one); and at least would like our own space set aside. Typically we just order drinks as we go, so we don't need an open bar; and we like to either pre-order or order as necessary assorted hot and cold finger foods (a sit-down dinner is not necessary).

Any thoughts?

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  1. we are having it at Mercat (slightly more to the north). Had another event there, and it was really good.

    1. I had a holiday event at "Trinity Place" down on Cedar St. (near Broadway) - it turned out great. They have a space in the back for private parties, which includes a bar and some average finger foods. The thing that sets this place apart is that it was designed around the idea that it used to be a bank vault. The huge vault door is still intact and all. Definitely worth checking out.

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