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Nov 18, 2009 11:45 AM

Upscale Italian or Steak in Beverly Hills, or Santa Monica- quiet with spacious dining room?

Hi there. We will only be in town one evening, and it will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I need a really good restaurant for 3 people that is not incredibly noisy, nor has the tables on top of each other. This is a birthday celebration for my husband. It shouldn't be stuffy, nor a seafood restaurant- just great food, and a bit of spaciousness. We live in NY, and a restaurant such as Del Posto would be a prime example. Can you think of any in the Beverly Hills or Santa Monica area? It seems as though every fine Italian restaurant is noisy and crammed. Does the Beverly Hills Boa fill my needs?


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  1. You might consider La Botte in Santa Monica. The tables look close together in the pictures, but I didn't find it to feel cramped or loud at at all. Felt more intimate.

    1. I think that you'd find Valentino in Santa Monica to be very quiet, sedate and with excellent food. The main dining room is not at all crowded.

      1. Valentino is definitely upscale. In Santa Monica, I'd go to Josie.

        1. I guess what I am looking for barely exists. We don't want sedate... just not a screaming match. Our friend wants us to go to Giorgio's in Santa Monica, but I have heard it is just too loud.
          In regard to Valentino- I had been to the one in Las Vegas, and was not blown away- but that restaurant has a different chef, etc.

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            Tables are pretty close at Giorgio's if you mean Giorgio Baldi. Go to Josie. Or go to Mastro's in BH for steak.

            1. re: mc michael

              Tables are pretty close, the noice level is high and the staff has some attitude at Baldi.

              1. re: TomSwift

                The tables are MORE than close at Giorgio Baldi's - you're on top of one another. And it's overpriced with MAJOR attitude.

                1. re: TomSwift

                  Last time I went to Giorgio Baldi our server gave me attitude for attempting to buy a bottle of wine under $120. He told me they didn't have a decent bottle under that. The attitude just grew worse from there...

                2. re: mc michael

                  when i went to mastros it was pretty noisy.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    Depends when you go and where you sit. Upstairs is not that noisy.

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      Many words describe my 7 or so visits to Mastro's... "Quiet" is not one of them.

                  2. re: verysleepy

                    You should not compare Vegas branches with the "real" restaurants. They sell themselves on their names rather than their food. I was going to suggest Craft or Wolfgang's for steak, but you already have that in NY. I agree with some other posters, and would suggest Cut for steak. Madeo on Beverly Blvd is very solid for Italian and you will be able to hear each other without shouting. The food at Boa on Sunset is not very good.

                  3. Since your from New York, I would suggest you consider Cut, as it would appear to be about the only steakhouse in L.A. that would compete with your N.Y. options. You really might consider Spago. Although not Italian, their food is superb and the space itself would be perfect for your needs.

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