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Nov 18, 2009 11:18 AM

Portland New Years Eve - Dinner recommendations for group of 8-10?

Group of 8-10 people looking for dinner recommendations for New Years Eve. The group size precludes some places. The group enjoys all foods and has a passion for wine. Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. Try Noble Rot on Burnside. it's classy and was written up in Sunset Magazine (or someplace) as the best wine bar on the west coast.

    1. Hi Dudley,
      I doubt your group size will narrow the field that much, and "all foods and a passion for wine" covers quite a bit of territory. A price point would help, as would cuisine style. Many of the nicer (re: swankier) places in town do a prix fixe menu, often paired with wines. Is that the sort of thing you're thinking about?

      1. I would never disparrage the quality of the many fine restaurants that Portland has to offer, but my honest advice for New Year's Eve is to have them over to your house for pot luck, and then if still needed, find a bar at which you'd like to ring in 2010.

        Menus are usually limited, service (probably not intentionally) tends to be surly and rushed--restaurant staff wants to join their friends for the night too. I have never gone out with a group on New Year's Eve and NOT been terribly disappointed, even at ordinarily excellent restaurants.

        Just a suggestion.

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