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San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

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  1. No, but I will be there this weekend...

    1. Been twice. A lot of good wine and food but you need to be discerning because there are sooo many vendors. There is also a lot of mediocre stuff. It is pretty big and well attended (thousands). No more Rikko or Gavin but you can see Malarky wearing a hat.

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        "but you can see Malarky wearing a hat."

        Malarky in a fedora?

        Worth the price of admission.

      2. I think you'd like it Steve. I've been the last 3 years. I do agree with eatemup regarding the amount of vendors and there is plent of mediocre stuff. There's also a lot of really good stuff too though. You'll be hard pressed to leave there without a thick buzz. I saw Chef Kaysen there last year as an attendee. Not sure if I agree with them raising the price $25 this year but I'll be surprised if they don't sell out again.

        They're also putting on the Charles Krug vertical tasting with Mondavi's son today at noon. I'll be heading there to check it out. Only an hour but some very good cab sauv so I'm really looking forward to it. Also on Sunday is the AIWF wine acution and luncheon at the Marriott Bayfront. Here are the Chefs preparing the courses:

        Chef Bernard Guillas, The Marine Room, La Jolla, CA
        Chef Kenny Gilbert, Capella Telluride, Telluride, CO
        Chef Thierry Rautureau, Chef in the Hat, Rover’s Restaurant, Seattle, WA
        Chef Suzette Gresham, Acquerello, San Francisco, CA

        Menu looks awesome, so another event I've been waiting impatiently for.

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          Cool, yeah it looks pretty good.

        2. There is a lot of good wine and food to be had. Take a cab or a bicycle.

          1. Anyone go this year? I skipped - never bought tickets - as the rain made it seem not so great.

            1. Tried it a few years back. Nothing special as far as wines are concerned.

              1. Not sure why they picked a date this late in the Fall -- our "normal" weather pattern can make rain a regular visitor this time of year. Might be good to move it a little earlier on the calendar.

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                  I think the people that run the fest, do several similar things up and down California. I would guess that they would want to do San Diego last because it has the best chance for decent weather later in the year.

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                    Believe it or not but the last 4 years before the one this weekend the weather has been beautiful. I'd say my biggest gripes with previous festivals was that there wasn't enough shade from the sun.

                    Anyone know who won Chef of the Fest?

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                      Paul macabe from 1540 I believe.

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                        actually it was Rob Ruiz from Harney Sushi

                        Harney Sushi
                        3964 Harney St, San Diego, CA 92110

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                          Wow two years in a row for harney now right? Thanks for correcting my error.