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Nov 18, 2009 10:43 AM

ur olive oil brands

i did my bit on researching in the archives, bu tmost recommendations are from U.S. posts

pls. help in finding an olive oil ( good value for money) that u have bought locally

1. for everyday cooking
2. for drizzling

much appreciated the brand names and the prices
( i wuld be going to jeantalon market to buy them)


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  1. Call me a heathen, but I find President's Choice cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil tastes great and is very good value for the money, and it's widely available at both Loblaws & Provigo. It's about $10 per 1 L bottle. As an everyday olive oil I'm quite pleased with it.

    1. I'm using Colavita cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It costs approximately 25 $/ 3L at Costco. If you're planning to cook a lot, it's also a good value for everyday cooking.

      1. I just pick up whatever 3 litre brand Tino at Chez Vito recommends that he has in stock at the time I need it.

        Can't go wrong.

        1. For cooking, I use an italian oil found at either Milano or Capitol, San Giuliano or something like that. There's also the spanish whic the name completely escapes me right now, they have it in medio and suave type at Olive et Épices. For drizzling, I usually use oil from The Olive Press from California which I order on the web when they have their free shipping special. I also very much like local brand La Belle Excuse and the italian Planeta.

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          1. re: Campofiorin

            ur answer interests me as i want to use different oil for cooking ans one for as is
            thai and indian cooking do not do well with `strong`oils, hence a lower priced version wuld be fine for me, but for salads etc, i wuld like a finer one.
            thanks for the names of brands

            1. re: divya

              I would not really use olive oil for thai or indian cuisine, I'd use a flavor less oil.

              Me think that most commercial (that you can buy in supermarket-ish stores) are more or less very close to quality among them.

              For higher end olive oil, I suggest going to "Olives & Épices" at Jean-Talon Market and taste a couple of different brands.

            2. re: Campofiorin

              I'm replying to my own post, Carmen is the name I was looking for.

            3. thanks friends
              Foie Gras Lover brings up a point that i am curious

              Is it necessary to buy olive oil in tin or opaque bottles, the absence of which represents low quality?

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              1. re: divya

                not necessary... unless you expect to keep your oil for a long time.

                you can buy a large container, transfer as much as you need/can/want to a smaller container for everyday uses, and leave the big container store cupboard.

                1. re: Maximilien

                  maximillien :thkks

                  i wuld try using canola or perhaps an evoo (?)- better for health than canola. for thai or indian. i have tried tasting oils but what i like in `whiff`is not what i end up liking in the cooking, hence this post- with an request for brand names.

                  Olives & Épices sound like òlive &gurmando- in old montreal, where i can only peek in everyday. (15$ for a coffee, croissant) lol