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ur olive oil brands

i did my bit on researching in the archives, bu tmost recommendations are from U.S. posts

pls. help in finding an olive oil ( good value for money) that u have bought locally

1. for everyday cooking
2. for drizzling

much appreciated the brand names and the prices
( i wuld be going to jeantalon market to buy them)


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  1. Call me a heathen, but I find President's Choice cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil tastes great and is very good value for the money, and it's widely available at both Loblaws & Provigo. It's about $10 per 1 L bottle. As an everyday olive oil I'm quite pleased with it.

    1. I'm using Colavita cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It costs approximately 25 $/ 3L at Costco. If you're planning to cook a lot, it's also a good value for everyday cooking.

      1. I just pick up whatever 3 litre brand Tino at Chez Vito recommends that he has in stock at the time I need it.

        Can't go wrong.

        1. For cooking, I use an italian oil found at either Milano or Capitol, San Giuliano or something like that. There's also the spanish whic the name completely escapes me right now, they have it in medio and suave type at Olive et Épices. For drizzling, I usually use oil from The Olive Press from California which I order on the web when they have their free shipping special. I also very much like local brand La Belle Excuse and the italian Planeta.

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            ur answer interests me as i want to use different oil for cooking ans one for as is
            thai and indian cooking do not do well with `strong`oils, hence a lower priced version wuld be fine for me, but for salads etc, i wuld like a finer one.
            thanks for the names of brands

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              I would not really use olive oil for thai or indian cuisine, I'd use a flavor less oil.

              Me think that most commercial (that you can buy in supermarket-ish stores) are more or less very close to quality among them.

              For higher end olive oil, I suggest going to "Olives & Épices" at Jean-Talon Market and taste a couple of different brands.

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              I'm replying to my own post, Carmen is the name I was looking for.

            3. thanks friends
              Foie Gras Lover brings up a point that i am curious

              Is it necessary to buy olive oil in tin or opaque bottles, the absence of which represents low quality?

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                not necessary... unless you expect to keep your oil for a long time.

                you can buy a large container, transfer as much as you need/can/want to a smaller container for everyday uses, and leave the big container store cupboard.

                1. re: Maximilien

                  maximillien :thkks

                  i wuld try using canola or perhaps an evoo (?)- better for health than canola. for thai or indian. i have tried tasting oils but what i like in `whiff`is not what i end up liking in the cooking, hence this post- with an request for brand names.

                  Olives & Épices sound like òlive &gurmando- in old montreal, where i can only peek in everyday. (15$ for a coffee, croissant) lol

              2. The Lebanese brands sold at Akhavan and Adonis are less refined/processed that the mass-market Greek and Italian brands that you find most places, and have quite a bit of flavor.

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                  yes i will- mtlalex
                  care to share the brand in ur pantry
                  adonis has great prices

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                    Afraid I'm all talk at this particular point in time. Generic cooking oil = "Sasso", quality oil = "La Boella" Arbosana, bought in a small shop in Barcelona last summer.

                    But the Lebanese oils are easy enough to spot - they're slightly cloudy and seem to be unfiltered, with labels sometimes crooked.

                2. oh, forgot to mention, i recently got a spanish evoo from extramadura at olives et epices (JTM) it is exactly the type of oil i love for salads. It is a bit nutty with lots of herbal flavor. I don't remember if it was 15 or 20 for a 750ml bottle, but it is worth every penny. Did i mention i love olive oils that have a slight taste of herb to them?

                  1. I like tasting olive oils from different areas, but I'm particularly partial to Greek olive oils. One of my favorites for general use is Ariston.

                    There are quite a few that I like from different source countries, though. I think it's a good idea to try different brands at least once. In that way, if one happens to go on sale, and you already know that you like it, you can stock up, and that's one way to stretch your money on a good value olive oil.

                    I use EVOO for everything, cooking and finishing, for no other reason than the less stuff I have, the more organized I become. :-)

                    1. Zaytoun. Palestinian.

                      Wonderful stuff. A drizzler, not everyday. Can't recall price but not too expensive - but I wouldnt care if it is.

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                      1. re: Harters

                        Please ignore above recommendation. It was posted when the thread was in a topical board and was not obviously a specifically Canadian thread.

                        I think the Palestinian co-operative that produces this oil only currently exports to the UK (although if it is available wherever you are, then the recc stands). Apologies

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                          Harters, Zeitouna Palestinian olive oil (fair-trade and organic) is also available in many places in Québec, in natural products and "fair trade" shops and many Middle-Eastern and Maghrebi shops.

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                            The Zeitouna is quite tasty, though the price on the newly arrived vintage has jumped $2 to $18.99/750 ml at ExoFruits. On the plus side, as with the Zaytoun, the profits go to a good cause.

                            Zatoun olive oil -- www.zatoun.com -- is also sold at some free-trade/organic shops like Café Rico on Rachel and Planète Monde on Fairmount.

                          2. re: Harters

                            Excellent. I'd assumed only UK exports as their .org website only refers to Britain.


                            As lagatta indicates fair-trade and organic. And tasty!

                        2. Having a portuguese BF, he made me discover Saloio olive oil and it became a staple for us too. It has a fruity taste and a slight green color; great for cooking, even drizzling. It's easy to find in the portuguese hood; the price varies from 7 to 10 $ for a 900 ml metal tin. We buy it at the InterMarché on Mt-Royal East corner Coloniale, at 7$ / tin.
                          Some stores also carry the 3L format.

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                          1. re: Chocolatine

                            purfect try out for me
                            will post the results

                          2. For everyday cooking, anything will do as long its on sale, because I go through so much of it.

                            For drizzling, my péché mignon is La Belle Excuse olive oil. It has a peppery taste I simply cannot get enough of. It is sold at IGAs and other chains. More expensive, not sure of the exact price, but worth it.

                            1. repliers-thanks

                              i have concluded to try grape seed oil for everyday use which is about $5/litre
                              or canola oil - close in mono fats to olive oil.

                              mild enough/high smoking point to brown onions for curries at high temp & simmer them for 1/2 hr. sometimes.

                              will try some of the finer brands of oils : Italian/Greek/Portuguese/Lebanese/ Spanish
                              for salads, drizzling/grilling veges.......

                              ( i have been enlightened as a newbie.) :-P

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                                Susan Semenak of the Montreal Gazette has been running a special report this past week on Olive Oil, she places particular focus on L'Olivier de Vassily by Kalikori (visit http://www.kalikorioliveoil.com)

                                Here are a few of the articles Semenak wrote this week;




                                1. re: ios94

                                  how kind of you
                                  this is perfect for noobie like me.

                                  1. re: divya

                                    Glad I could help, plus I buy this Kalikori oil often so I thought it was a cool that it got exposure in The Gazette.

                                      1. re: hungryann

                                        Olives & Epices at Jean Talon Market, I've also seen it at douceurs du Marché (Atwater Mrkt).

                                        1. re: hungryann

                                          Besides the places ios94 mentioned, The Gazette article also says it's available at Latina on St. Viateur street. $20 to $22 for a 500ml bottle.