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Nov 18, 2009 10:30 AM

HIgh Society in Rio

So what would be the top three places for a big splurge? Looking for good food of course but searching for one or two nights of high end Rio. Wanting to be surrounded at least once with Chanel clad women, drink good wine, in a plush environment but certainly NOT slow and quiet. Perhaps the La Genouille of Rio. I will be slumming it enough during my holiday so I would like two places that are like private clubs for just one or two splurges. Perferable near Leblon.

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  1. Fasano al Mare
    Roberta Sudbrack
    The above three are high end and hip. All very expensive but worth the splurge. If I had to pick one based on the food I would choose Roberta Sudbrack for being a more Brazlian experience (Fasano is Italian and Olympe is French, although both chefs cook with traditional Brazilian ingredients and Claude Troisgros has lived in Brazil for a long time). Fasano would be the hippest.
    Antiquarius, high end but old school, I wouldn't call it hip but the food is delicious (if you like Portuguese food). Not trendy.
    Not so high end but hip: Gero, Careme Bistro, Quadrifoglio, Carlota - they are not cheap but it wouldn't be as expensive as the above and you would still have a very good people watching experience.
    Rio is very casual, don't expect Chanel or men in suits, but people will be certainly dressed nicely. For more Rio suggestions you can search this board.

    1. It sounds like Gero would be your best bet. I think the food is overrated but it is the closest thing to the dinner "scene" that you want that you'll find in Rio. To get the kind of atmosphere that you want I would just eat somewhere good and head to Bar Londres, Boox or Bar d'hotel after dinner.