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Nov 18, 2009 10:13 AM

Lini Lambrusco

Lini Lambrusco is so delicious, but I've only ever had a bottle (or two...) in LA while dining with my family at Pizzeria Mozza. I'm from SF though and was wondering if you guys know where I can find some Lini Lambrusco in the bay area? I'll be in San Jose tomorrow so are there any good wine shops around that might carry it?

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  1. Call Biondivino in SF.

    1415 Green Street, San Francisco, CA

    1. Two years back, I tasted it at the Slow Food Golden Glass tasting, and loved it, especially for the price. Unfortunately, the NY-based distributor said it wasn't out here in California. I think you might be able to find it online and buy a case from the east coast.

      Edit: found the distributor, give him a call to see about California shops:

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        I think the NY distributor's information is out of date, as it's in stock at several shops in LA, and Biondivino hosted a tasting in April.

      2. If Biondivino is out and can't order it, you could get it mail-order from LA:

        1. Thanks you guys! Biondivino does have some so I'm looking forward to going there soon.