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Nov 18, 2009 09:47 AM

MSP - Looking for a cheap going away party hangout

Thought I'd turn to the chowhounders for some ideas. I have a friend moving away soon and we are looking for a place that a dozen or so friends could get together and see him off this Friday afternoon/evening.

What I first thought of was a place like the Nook or Shamrocks - good cheap food and since the man of the hour doesn't drink the food is more important than the cocktails. But then I thought it would be good if they had some sort of activity that we could all do afterward - play pool, throw darts etc.

So if there is a place like that near Shamrocks we could go to two different places.

If there is a place that has everything, those suggestions would be happily/graciously accepted.

Other ideas?


Good and cheap food, room for 12 or so people, some sort of activity for after dinner.

If only we could just go to the Anchor Bar in Superior WI!

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  1. If only Elsie's had better food. I'm trying to think of a place like that...bowling without league play but better food than most other bowling alleys.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Bryant Lake Bowl. Alternately, you could take a nice meal and then head out for some darts and pool. Alternately, Elsie's is just fine.

      1. re: kevin47

        blb has *much* better food than elsie's. unfortunately, their bowling lanes are so warped that bowling there is a "strictly for laughs" experience. another bowling alley is memory lanes. i seem to recall their food being okay there, actually. bowling alley food with a few "we're really trying here" items. ooh but also, i think they have karaoke there--not sure what nights of the week. might want to call ahead if you are trying to avoid karaoke, or if you are trying to do rounds of shots and be the next american idol, either way. . .

    2. how about grumpy's on washington ave mpls? is that too far away? as far as the food goes, it's bar food but it is really good bar food, good specials. lots of tap selection, pool tables (very popular), darts. the "alley" area on one side of the bar is good for small groups. i have no idea how busy grumpy's gets on friday evenings these days, so maybe that's a factor.

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        I love this suggestion, but heads up the private room has karaoke on Fridays I believe. It is the best karaoke in town though, the hostesses are a trip and they have punk rock music in the books.

        1. re: Foureyes137

          late, i know, but for future reference:
          grumpy's downtown has karaoke on tuesday, thursday, and sunday. but not friday!

          and in the spirit of full disclosure: i know that (too well) because i work there.

      2. Well, since bowling has been coming up, I'm to mention that Shamrock's sister (and in my opinion, superior) restaurant is next door to Ran Ham bowling alley. I've looked into it in the past and I know they can make arrangements to have the Nook's food brought into the bowling alley. I don't know how they'd work it for a group of 12, which is kind of a smallish group for Ran Ham, I think, but it could be worth a shot.


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        1. Chatterbox (several locations). beer, food, old video games (classic nintendo, sega), board games.

          1. The original comment has been removed