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Wondering if anyone has seen this on menus in the area or available for purchase to cook at home. I believe it's the time of year for it. TIA!

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  1. I have NEVER seen turducken on a menu in my life.. always heard of it as a special order thing from down south..

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      Oddly enough, it was on the menu at Gargoyles several years ago. It got some good reviews, but I didn't think it was very good.

      1. I saw them at Butcher Boy (http://www.butcherboymarket.com/) in North Andover last week.

        1. We get ours from here.
          The sausage/cornbread stuffing is awesome !!!

          1. I saw it in Woburn WholeFoods last year. Call them up and ask if they have it now.

            1. I've seen them at Roche Brothers markets.....

              1. If you order in advance, Mayflower Poultry will debone poultry -- mostly chicken, but they will make a turducken and I believe in recent years have made a few to sell around the holidays. I believe they will also partially debone rabbit. I don't know if they do the stuffing for the ones they pre-made, though. It may not be for everyone, but deboning is a lot easier than you think and a skill well worth learning.

                1. I think it can be rather tricky to cook.. that's a LOT of protein to bring up to temperature, and trying to keep the outside from overcooking and drying out must be hard..

                  1. I think McKinnon's Meat Market in Danvers sells it.

                    1. Didn't realize that I responded to a really old post so thought I would repost to a current query here. I just purchased a ready to bake Turducken at Star Market in Allston/Brighton. They're averaging ~$20-$30. The brand is Shaw's so I'm not sure how authentic this is but thought I'd give it a try!