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Nov 18, 2009 08:54 AM

Best Fish Taco in Toronto?

Any thoughts on where to find a great fish taco in Toronto?

I would love some classic fried recs as well as some high end twists on the classic.

Thanks hounds!

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  1. I make fish tacos at home all the time, but recently went to Milagro on Mercer street and had a grilled tuna taco plate.

    1. Ive looked and looked and havent found any good ones so far.

      The sad thing is, that most of the good, authentic taco spots in TO dont carry the fish. You can find more easily fish burritos at crappy places like Burrito Boyz.

      I think its the Drake that supposedly does pan fried trout tacos, but theyre no the cheapest, and without the breading like a good fish taco should have.

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      1. re: kingkelly

        a breaded fish taco?! that's an abomination. i don't support the drake because i live too close to it's non management of late night, noisy patrons- However, their fish taco is very good. it's the only decent one I've found since eating at La Esquina in manhattan.

        1. re: georgie64

          Breaded and fried is the most common way to have them. And if your point of reference is a restaurant in Manhattan, then you're way off base my friend. Go to San Diego, which is the home of the fish taco in the US where they're $1 each off the truck.

          1. re: georgie64

            How is a common way to prepare them an abomination exactly?

        2. Chimichanga has fish tacos on their menu, but I can't recall whether they are fried or not.

          While the setting is odd (sort of a Yonge and Eglinton hipster grunge look) and many of the menu items are not "authentic" (and I must admit, I'm beginning to hate that word), they do many things well, including their guac, the carnitas, homemade salsas, real corn tortillas and pretty good sangria.

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          1. re: TorontoJo

            I second everything that TorontoJo has to say. It does have a worn grungy atmosphere (leftover from a previous tenant?), but surprisingly good food and great tequila list.

          2. The Senator has great fish tacos.

            1. Joey's in The Shops at Don Mills has them
              They were good, but I have no other point of reference

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              1. re: BeanerSchitzl

                Yeah, at Joey's they have Ahi Tuna Tacos, they're a small app you can get. Seared rare tuna in these crispy little shells. Nothing authentic but I really like them. Full disclosure, I've only had them at Joey's in Calgary but they appear to have the same menu here.