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Nov 18, 2009 08:51 AM

Need ideas for a retirement party in Portland

For about 50 people in January. have a $1500 budget. Where should i look for good fun and food? Thanks

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  1. I have been setting up a group meal at Firehouse and the owner/chef Matthew Busetto has been really nice and has put together a nice menu (family style service) at a very nice price point.

    Simpatica might be able to fit 50 folks, and the food there is great.

    Karam might be able to do 50 in the back room, especially at that price point.

    Your dollars would go very far at Ocean City or Wong's King if you want to do Chinese.

    1. H5O @ the ne Hotel Fifty..............
      They did a birthday dinner that was phenomenal for my wife.
      Gret food and really cool atmosphere

      1. It may sound completely out of range for your budget but I would recommend a call to The Heathman. They have small private dining rooms on the 2nd floor and especially in January (a slow month for banquets) they could probably do something nice for you.

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          Suggest you try Beaches Restaurant on the Columbia in Vancouver. I believe they could accommodate 50 folks. The food is good and the view is excellent.