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Are there any local potato chip makers?

Utz, Snyder's, and Frito Lay seem to have this area on lock.
I think Pot Belly started carrying Zapp's (from Louisiana), but are there any VA/DC/MD options?

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  1. Route 11 chips started in Middletown, VA. Their sweet potato chips are my favorite.

    Utz is actually from Hanover, PA - not that far away.

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      Yeah, I usually consider Utz to be a local brand. Martin's, from Pennsylvania, as well.

          1. Route 11 (now in Mount Jackson, VA, a few miles south of the original home in Middletown) should be considered a local chipmaker. You can get to the factory very easily (66 West to 81 South). If you like Zapp's, you'll like Route 11.

            The various Pennsylvania chipmakers are probably a similar distance from DC: Utz, Martin's Gibble's, Herr's Snyder's, Mrs. Ihrie's, etc.

            1. Everyone in MD considers UTZ as local. I have tried the boutique brands and the competitors. UTZ is as good as it gets for me.

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                Can you still get utz fresh and hot in baltimore? I remember that as a kid only 15, er 20, er 25.. er well some years ago...

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                  There was an Utz stand in Lexington Market, but I don't know if it's still open. I think the owner had some run-in with the law.

              2. Check out the Penn Dutch market in Hunt Valley, open Th - Sat.