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Nov 18, 2009 08:06 AM

Scribner's Milford, CT - Thanksgiving Week Lobster Specials

Went to old-local-faithful, hidden-in-residential-neighborhood Scribner's in Milford last night with my DH for a midweek no-kids quick dinner out, and we had a terrific meal--still remembering the melt-in-your mouth briny oysters on the half shell and their delicious house salad dressing. And we love the waitresses who work there. Anyway, they had a big sign by the door reminding patrons of the Thanksgiving Week Lobster Specials TH 11/19 - SAT 11/28 (closed Thanksgiving) for $16.95. Reservations suggested. Thought I'd share with CH.

Choice of:
- Twin 1# Lobsters
- One 1# Lobster & Steamers
- One 1# Lobster & grilled Rib eye steak
- 18oz grilled Rib eye steak

If you go to the below website and click on Events, you can see the particulars. That's a really good deal.

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